May 2020 stats and overview

Have you been worried that I missed the regular monthly review? Yeah, I kept you waiting but just for one more day.

It is much better to do the report on the first of the month. The stats for the previous month are completed and you can see the full picture. That’s from now on its gonna be always like that.

In May I lost the flow a little bit. I wasn’t able to focus and work as hard as I would like to. Fortunately, at the end of the month I came up with a new project (yes, again I am starting new) and from that time I kicked my productivity back again. It’s a local newsletter project which just perfectly fits my interests. I would like to focus hard on it and make it big.

I am not gonna show you any stats yet about it but I will in the next post.

Yeah, I didn’t show you also my local niche project yet but it’s probably not that important cuz I am not sure if I will continue cuz I would like to narrow my focus and do one thing in the right way!:)

I guess June will be critical for my endeavors. Wish me luck!:)

Lets list through my projects and see the stats!:)

My blog

Yeah, this is the reality. My blog hit the all time low. I could expect that. Even though I started strong with the last part of Ask the bloggers series. Later that month I published just some personal bluff and about that really now one cares.

My blog is my journal. I do not plan to give up (I keep saying it). Right now I really do not care about the numbers. Its gonna go up after I will get famous :).

No-code project

Well Well Its not that bad :D. I guess its the most succesful month of the Nocodemag. What a surprise. I do not care about it at all. Its just organic traffic and I guess its all cuz of my Coda vs Notion post.

Actually, at the beginning of the month, I post one PR guest post. It’s not an ideal content but I just wanted to try to connect with other companies.

One more interesting thing. Since I added the referral links to my post and Youtube video I got 15 USD credit (3 people registered through my link) on Notion and 130 USD credit (13 people registered through my link) on Coda. Even though I will probably never use it. It’s a good sign that the referrals actually working. So here is a little advice. If you have successful content don’t forget to put there affiliate or referral links. It really works!!!

Youtube channel Efran(former Organized life)

As I promised the last month I changed the name of my channel. The new name is The Efran channel. Its gonna be more personal, more about design and other tries. Even though I have already finished my design challenges I still have a lot of material to post.

I uploaded 4 new videos to my channel from my logo design challenge and I plan to upload new video every Friday.

Since I completely change the direction of my channel I expected I lost my subscribers, fortunately, I didn’t happen and I gain two new subscribers. I hope I can stick with the schedule for now (it should be easy for a few more weeks) but after I used all my material I need to find out some other topics.

I am curious if the channel can get some traction in the design niche. We will see the next month :).

The affiliate site

The numbers went up. Actually I do not care much about this website. I just upload one post short post a week and I don’t do any promo.

It brought one commission in May but that is really nothing much to talk about. I would like to keep going until Christmas time and wait if I can get something out of it if not I will stop this project forever :).

Month summary

Another month is gone. Some numbers goes up some numbers goes down.

I started a new project which take all my focus for now. I am very excited about the new journey and hopefully, I will bring you next month some possitive numbers.

I am also very happy about the Youtube channel rebrand. I wanna stay there and create interesting content. If not for tons of views it definitely helps my creativity.

Let’s work hard and make the all the numbers green for the next month!:)

Stay tuned. Emil