May 2021 stats and overview

I kept the review for today cuz some stats come later and they are not ready for the first in a month. Anyway, here I am.

May was good. I pushed myself to the limits finally. I started with TIKTOK and REELS videos which brought much more editing hours. I like it. I feel motivated. I push it forward. My Youtube channel needs to make the bold move into the scene and here I am. Every subscriber count and I am so happy and glad.

OK, that’s just a little intro. Lets see the hard numbers.

My blog

Nothing to see here. Same old zero. Maybe it’s better if no one reads my thoughts cuz it sucks anyway. I will keep writing I don’t care!:)

Youtube channel Hrdý plešoun

My little child. I am in full swing with my Youtube journey. I think about it every minute. As I mentioned in the intro I started to promote my content on other social platforms REELS and TikTok. It’s fun there is a much bigger reach and the short videos see much more people than my Youtube videos. I have a little challenge to push my limits and I need to upload a new video every day for 30 days. Will see I am able to do it.

But back to numbers. I fulfilled my goals. I crossed the magic 100 subs mark and I more than doubled the views count. I am very happy about it but it is still just the beginning. I do have 103 subscribers (+19 since April).

I promoted my Youtube account also on my personal Facebook page which was probably the biggest step out of my comfort zone. I do not have any more boundaries hehe.

Month summary

Let’s do not talk about my personal blog. My Youtube channel is growing. I am still motivated and I am very happy about it.

I need to keep it going and keep it pushing. The May was just the starting point from now it will be like that. I promise!:)

Stay tuned. Emil