Merry Christmas from Bali

Merry Christmas from Bali .. my second Christmas out of the home. But this time I moved from cold Canada to tropic Bali .. actually I think this was my first Christmas in the warm country.. so no show this time, but at least I caught some waves haha…

So what did I do on 24th? Have to admit that not much… here in Bali, the days feel the same.. even during Christmas .. and I’m not really into Christmas anyway so I just surfed in the morning and chilled afternoon.. only different thing was that we have been for dinner with people from our house.

We have been to Menega cafe in Jimbaran bay .. we got delicious fish on the beach with a nice view of the ocean.  That is basically it haha. But like I said I don’t celebrate Christmas anyway so I am happy to do it this way:)…

Of course, I skyped with my family, but already on the 22nd.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you all 🙂

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