More Free time -> less productivity

Yeah, this exactly what I am thinking about.

Last week I took a short vacation. From Tuesday till Friday. I just needed to have some free time. Take a breath, simply recharge my batteries.

I didn’t plan any trips or special program. I just wanted to spend my days’ careless thinking about my stuff.

Anyway, even though I wanted to work a little on my side projects. As the headline of this article say it didn’t happen.

I wasn’t able to be productive at all. I spent my days just chilling, watching youtube videos, sleeping.

As you can see a really not much.

I dont know if it is just me but this happening me all the time. More free time I have less productive I am.

Maybe back in my mind I just postponing all my work cuz there is still some another free day until there is not.

I just cannot force myself to be focused and work hard. Maybe I am just lazy.

…… but why if I do not have that much time I can add up some work on my side projects?!

There is a problem between a FREE DAY and a WORKING DAY routine.

Free day for me is just free. All the daily tasks just popin randomly and if there is no schedule there is no will to push me a little further.

The working day has strict rules and the rules can form my will much better. if I schedule some another task for my side project I just do it without much hesitation.

So what is the conclusion?

Schedule your free day same as if it would be a working day!

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Stay with me. Emil