Mount Agung eruption in Bali

Last a few days is pretty much just about erupting of volcano Mount Agung. Yeah, we are not gonna get bored at least. The old volcano is alive. I’m staying on the south of the island about 90km from the volcano. I am not in danger, at least I don’t feel like that, but with mother nature you never know.. but so far it is evacuated just zone about 10km around the volcano, so yeah we have some reserve haha.

The volcano didn’t erupt yet, but still snoring volcanic ash a lot and that influence the airplanes. So the international airport in Bali was closed for a few days so many people stuck here, fortunately, the wind changed so the airport was already reopened. But it can change quickly again.

It kinda funny watching the world news cuz it’s super critical. But the situation here is pretty calm I really don’t care about volcano at all, but yeah you never know with mother nature, so I cannot say it loud haha.

Anyway, of course, I hope the situation is gonna calm down. Many locals had to be evacuated so they are struggling in camps now. And also it’s not good for touristic situation cuz many people canceled the holidays in Bali

Hopefully, the flights are gonna continue, cuz I have a flight to Kuala Lumpur on the 6th of November. Its because I need to extend my visa for another 30days.

OK, that was just quick info about the current situation. Keep tuned and read my blog next week.