Moving to the west coast of Mexico

Yeah, I slightly changed my plans. I didn’t go to Guatemala but just moved to the west coast of Mexico. The reasons were that I was a little bit afraid of going to Guatemala and I realized that I am not such a traveler like I thought and instead of moving from place to place I wanted more just stay at one place and relax, think and enjoy surfing.

So I quickly found a good place to surf and I moved there. The city where I am staying now its Puerto Escondido, there is one of the greatest spots for surfing, but I didn’t try it yet it’s too advanced for me!:).

I moved there by plane from Cancun. I bought a flight ticket through website 5 days before the flight (yeah it’s more fun without plans :)). I used website twice so far, everything worked except check-in of the baggage, I think its better leave baggage checking for the airport not buying it through the website! Because sometimes you don’t have to pay for it, yeah it happened to me!

I flight with local airlines from Cancun to Mexico city by Interjet and from Mexico City to Puerto Escondido with VivaAerobus, everything went smoothly, just I had to pay for guitar with VivaAerobus, I was really mad it has never happened to me before. It was 30 US dollars. The tickets cost together 2400 Mexican pesos.