My daily life now

OK. My life is definitely not perfect right now. I jump from productivity streaks to lazy days. One day I can work on my video and the second just chill in the corner. I am not able to maintain a high level every day.

That’s probably the thing I hate the most. I wish I could do it but I am not. I slowly starting to work part-time in one company so hopefully, it gets me going. The rest of the time I will just need to work hard cuz I am not gonna have space to hang around.

Creating content for social media is not that easy. I can come up with an idea but day after day I need to bring content so I get stuck pretty easily. That’s had quite a simple solution – the planning… If I would be able to plan my content in advance I could get on the roll. The recording, editing, and creating would be much easier…

Every week the main goal is my Youtube video. The feeling after posting it is amazing but I struggle to start immediately for the next week’s video. Every day counts. More days in production equals better quality of the final product. The very last-minute production as I do recently is very bad and I don’t know how long will my audience stay with me.

Just get better Emil and stop blabbing around. Work hard. Create and bring quality content!

Stay tuned. Emil