My E-BOOK is getting its second wind

If you dont know last year I wrote an e-book about blogging “How to FAIL a BLOG”. It was part of my writing journey I just wanted to push the limits.

Sure I wanted to get some subscribers for my mailing list but it wasn’t successful. Anyway, the book was written and slowly falling into history.

buuuut …. I found the APPSUMO marketplace where you can upload digital products. You can price your product and earn some money. The best thing is that the APPSUMO marketplace is pushing your products through their marketing channels. You don’t need to have an audience.

I was like why not try it but I didn’t expect any success. It’s on about 5 days and it was sold already three times. I get 3.5 USD per sale which is not a lot but I was quite surprised it actually sells. It’s another way how to earn money online.

If do have a good digital product and don’t have a large audience to who you can sell. I really recommend trying it. APPSUMO MARKETPLACE is still a new project so you can jump on the hype train before it gets overcrowded. I do not know if I sell anything more but I am very happy I could get at least something for my writings. Maybe I am gonna make a better book the next time. I feel motivated right now.:)

I just need to find a good topic!:)

Wish me luck and stay tuned. Emil