My hair loss journey

My Youtube channel is about a new business endeavor that is connected to hair loss.

I can relate to this topic a lot cuz I am bald and proud. I started losing my hair around my 20-ties but I finally decided to shave it off at the beginning of 2020. It was one of the best decisions ever. I feel much more comfortable now.

I can recommend this to everyone. Take a plunge and just keep this problem behind.

Sure it wasn’t an easy step. I care about my hair a lot and I just couldn’t move on even though my hair situation was pretty bad for many years.

I talk about it in my recent video on Youtube. It’s in the Czech language but you can see the pictures and check how my hairline loses its pride.

If you battle the same problem you are not alone. Enjoy my video and don’t get stressed about that much. It’s just hair!:)

Stay tuned. Emil