My morning routine ?

I know I already talked about my morning routine in the 30 days of running challenge post but I think it deserves the standalone post. First I write down the list of steps I do in the morning but underneath it’s a better explanation.

This is what I do in the morning. I do not say is the right way or the only way. It’s just for your inspiration. If you would like some of my thoughts and steps. Feel free to add it to your routine. πŸ™‚

  1. Do not be late to sleep
  2. Wake up – make your bed, go for the next step asap
  3. Exercise – run, walk, buy a breakfast
  4. Take a shower – sprinkle of cold at the end
  5. Prep a breakfast and eat by the table – with no distraction (no phone, no computer)
  6. A little time for a computer and phone, Duolingo
    Leaving home
  7. Leaving to work

Better to say I am adding things into my morning routine slowly. I didn’t start with all of this from day one. I think it’s common like that. One thing starts another and so.

0) Everything is starting a day before.

If you wanna wake up early and have a solid morning routine. You shouldn’t be late to sleep the day before. Simple as that. A little disclaimer and sure I am aware of that.  A morning routine doesn’t need to be at 5 am, it can be processed whenever after you wake up even in the afternoon. So follow your personal preferences If you are more productive at night. Do not stress out with early wake time and adjust your routine accordingly.

Good sleep is the most important thing and it’s affecting your day tremendously. Find your right sleeping time and try to follow every day. I need around 8 hours of sleeping and need to wake up at 6:30 AM so I try not to be in bed later than 11 PM.

1) Wake up

Yeah, if you wouldn’t wake up you cannot follow your routine. So the first step is obviously to wake up. To be honest I have a little bad habit in the morning I set my alarm for 6:30 but after the alarm goes on, I snooze it until 6:50. After that, I leave my bed (it was even worse a few months back cuz I usually sneeze it for one whole hour!!!).

I need to leave home at 8:30. So I have almost two hours for myself in the morning. It’s kinda lot I know it. But I don’t like to be stressed in the morning and be in the rush. I would say it’s also part of the routine itself. No stress in the morning, no stress during the day.

After the wake-up, I make my bed (on cuz the early daily achievement I just don’t like to keep it messy haha) and try to leave a home asap for my daily run (my exercise thing). More time in between the steps more easily you fall asleep again.

2) Exercise

To start your body and your day I found out it is good to do some exercise in the morning. First, it starts your routine and makes you moving and second it’s good for your body.

It can be anything – a little workout, running, stretching, yoga, swimming .. as you wish. Just start small and do not do something you totally hate. It’s important to build healthy habits, not things that torture you.

In my case, it’s running. Time to time I run not just for my morning routine so I can do it and I like it. Still in the morning, I do not go for a long run but around 15 minutes just over 2 KM. Totally doable.

Connect the exercise with something pleasant. If you just start running. First, take just a walk to buy nice breakfast and slowly add a little run. Don’t go too hard on yourself. Better make something for the long term with love than strong few weeks with hate and give up.

You can listen to some motivational podcasts during the exercise. I started doing it recently. It’s not really about the content itself but I like the enthusiastic voice of the speaker. Its a nice kick in the morning.

3) Take a shower

After that I obviously take shower (bath) I take a regular hot one. I am not crazy right but in the end I finish it with a little cold spray. Starting slowly and make it colder and colder.

Now it’s actually something I am looking forward to. Just a few secs of cold water but I feel good. I wouldn’t go all-in with cold water cuz I would just hate it. Better to like something then pure hate.

4) Breakfast

The breakfast itself is not probably the most important thing but the time by the table with no distraction is. You focus just on your food, thinking with no stress. I guess it the right way how to eat the first meal of your day.

For breakfast, I have usually eggs with different kinds of veggies on the side.  But I do not follow any diet. I simply like it. So you can make everything you like.

5) A little time on a computer

One of this whole morning routine thing was to stay away from my computer or smartphone as long as possible. I could waste all my morning just stare at the phone and then just do everything in a hurry.

Still, before I leave the house I have some time to check some sport news and social media. Sure I would like to get rid of this bad habit totally but I said I need it to build the routine step by step. Recently I also finishing my daily Duolingo exercise. I used to do it on public transport but I dont like the rush there.

6) Leaving to work

The last step is to leave my home. I do not stress out and try to leave with enough time to be at work on time. I can enjoy the commute better without much worry.

Yeah, this is my current morning routine. Just a few steps I try to do every day to improve my morning and the whole day.

I already mentioned it in a few posts on my blog. But it’s just strong thing I do so I needed to write the whole post just about it.

The morning routine could be improved with a proper evening routine. You can get your clothes ready for the following day, write down some major tasks and so on. I cannot talk about it now cuz I haven’t been built it yet, haha. So after I gonna get some experience I am definitely writing some posts about it.

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Stay with me. Emil