My process of creating videos for Youtube

Youtube youtube youtube. I do think about it a lot now. I am sorry. It is what it is.

The whole week I do research about the topic I wanna talk about in the video. I write notes into my Notion document. These notes are the ground floor for my script. I need to get better at this part cuz my script is not very solid. I should get as close as possible to the final sentences but I am not able to get used to it.

It sounds like too much hassle but if I would make this part properly the actual recording time would get much shorter.

On the weekend comes the actual video management.

On Saturday takes place the recording. I would say the most exhausting part right now. I struggle in front of the camera. I cannot talk fluently and the whole process just takes so much time. I need to work on it cuz as time goes I am getting more and more frustrated and you can feel in the final shots. I do not stay happy and the vibe of the video gets down.

I hate I am like that but I hope as time goes by I am gonna get better and better.

The Sunday is for editing. I need to be more creative and take my time cuz usually I am not very patient and try to finish the video asap.

I should work on it and find my style. Good editing is a very important part of Youtube success and if I just get lazy and will upload boring videos I am not gonna get anywhere.

Long way to go but it would be boring if it would be easy.:)

Stay tuned. Emil