My youtube channel

As I mentioned in my review post I changed the name of my Youtube channel.

Not it is the Efran channel. It should be more personal and I am gonna try different kinds of content (not just note-taking apps).

The new content started with my Logo design challenge (I am gonna write about this challenge more after I upload all the videos on Youtube).

Every Friday (it’s a new go to day) I upload process of making logo designs.

I do not upload all the 30 logos but just the best ones. Some of them are super bad…

I am definitely gonna make some after movie where all the logo designs will be shown so don’t worry :).

So if you would be interested just go check it out. Even though the logos are not perfect is kinda fun to watch! I promise :).

So far I published 6 videos. You can see them below.

Stay tuned. Emil