New bike, new guitar and Toronto ZOO

After a few posts just about the work, finally something from ordinary life. πŸ™‚ As I got first paychecks from Aroma and Ovest I decided to buy bike and guitar, I planned it for a while, but I said to myself that have to pay these two things only from earned Canadian money!:)

So first I tell you about a bike :). I needed just some old bike in the city. For search, I used again craigslist and Kijiji (what would I do without these two sites I don’t know πŸ™‚ ). It went really quick one day I looked for bike and second day I got it!:) I picked old blue Vintage Raleigh (see photo) and it cost 140 CAD. Its beautiful bike and I really like it!:).

blue Vintage Raleigh

I bought it from one guy in Don Mills its about one hour subway from my place (northeast of Toronto), from Don Mills I rode to home on my bike already, it was quite an adventurous ride because I didn’t know the surroundings and I didn’t know how long it takes to my place, it lasted around 2 hours, could be faster but I found “a few” flaws on my new bike :), back brake doesn’t break, its little bit rusty, front brake shiver so touch the front wheel, and both mudguards scour wheels, but otherwise almost like new!!:)) So I am glad that I survived the way back :).

But It would be easy if everything works, now I can tune it every day and that will be fun. :)). The bike saves me a lot of time now. It takes 10 minutes to Aroma instead of 30 minutes walk!! To new Aroma will be around 30 minutes on the bike but that is is still really good!:)

Like I mentioned in the previous post I already picked my new guitar, I went play on it a few times before and on Friday I finally bought Fender Parlor CP-100. The guitar cost 305 CAD (269CAD + HST, the tax I really hate here because all the prices are shown without HST so you never know the final price :(( ) I started to play guitar year ago, so I am a beginner. In Prague, I have electric Fender Squier Telecaster. This new Fender Parlor is an acoustic guitar, but it has a thin neck and steel strings. So it’s almost like electric guitar :). I wanted acoustic because I don’t want to buy the combo and this guitar is also half size of the regular acoustic guitar so its good for traveling:). Hope that I improve my playing here in Canada and maybe sometimes I post some of my playing on the blog, so stay tuned :)).

Toronto ZOO. Yes I visited local ZOO, my voucher expired 30th of April and last day of validity I was there!:) I wanted a ride there on my bike It takes around two hours, but eventually I decided to go by subway, I didn’t know if the bike wouldn’t break up :)). The Toronto ZOO is in Scarborough, west part of Toronto, so its quite far, but by subway and buses it takes a bit over one hour so that is not that bad. I was there on Saturday morning I needed to go early because I worked in Ovest in the evening. I took some photos so you can see a few local animals.

The Zoo is nice, the main attraction is Giant Panda bears and their six months panda cubs, unfortunately I didn’t see them, because when I walked around there was 30 minutes queue already, so maybe in different time :), I said to myself that no panda is curious about me so I left them alone. :)) I was surprised there were no elephants, but other typical animals like tigers, hippos, lions, monkeys, polar bears and so were there. But my opinion is that the Prague ZOO is more beautiful :).

So that was next week. Finally not just working, but I could finally buy some new things πŸ™‚ and had a little fun at the ZOO.

Btw. I am still in training mode in Aroma, at least this week I train in the different franchise, in old one Aroma of my future boss, so little change. Next week (I said it already :)) but now it looks optimistic I move to the new one!!:)

Keep tuned and read to me next week!:)