New video on my Youtube channel

Its been a while. It looks like my Youtube channel is already a histoty but I said NO.

The new channel is here and I try to keep going. There are changes of course.

The biggest change is the language. I switched from English into Czech.

The native language is the native language. I feel more comfortable and more like myself. If you have a Youtube channel your personality is the key.

To be honest, my spoken English sucks and I don’t feel good teaching others. Even if I watch other videos and the speaker is not good in English I do not enjoy listening to it so why would someone listen to me?!

The change was simply needed.

In one way it’s easier to record for me but on the other hand, I feel more insecure cuz the Czech audience. I am not an expert and show my work to my friends and family is just embarrassing. Classic imposter syndrome. 🙂

Of course, I need to get better but if I keep improving I will gain some audince for sure. I just need to be patient and learn from my mistakes.

You can see the first video here.

It’s the start of new series. Which should be about Note-taking apps, business, and me as a person. Complete package.

It will be a long ride but I plan to take it very seriously.

Wish me luck.