No coding in Coda – first little project – IdeasKeeper

I didn’t plan to show this project. It should be just for me to keep my ideas organized but I got some free time during the Easter holidays so I decided to make IdeasKeeper public.

Since the end of January 2019, I started writing every day 10 ideas into my paper notebook. It’s a habit inspired by James Altucher I already mentioned it in some of my previous posts. I really like to do it but after a while, it gets pretty messy. I kept doing it but actually never went back and read through the ideas and I would say it would lose the purpose If I continue like that.

So I decided to transform it into the electronic form and keep it more organized. I wanted to go easily back in time and have an option to filter the ideas and see what did I write down. I still use the paper notebook cuz I like my handwritten notes but at the same time, I use my electronic document.

For the execution, I decided to go with Coda (so far I like Coda a little bit more than Notion). I created a simple document where you can keep track of your ideas. I did a short video about my document you can see it below. I would like to mention that it is still a work in progress. There are many things I must improve but I think it’s a good starting point.:)

For this occasion, I created a new Youtube channel OrganizedLife. I thought it wouldn’t really fit into my traveling channel which already exists hehe if you don’t know (there is just some raw footage from my Japan and Korea trip). I created a logo in Canva. Everything was made super fast. I didn’t think much about the name but I actually like the logo. It’s cool, right?:)

I used the Bandicam program to capture my screen. It’s for free you have to have there just their logo and your video must be just 10 minutes long. The time limit was actually the biggest struggle cuz I had to remake it many times and after I finished I was pretty exhausted. It’s not perfect but I didn’t have the power to try again hehe.

After I made my video I mentioned in my task log at Makerlog, I wrote a post on 200WaD and send it to Coda community. As you can see it was a heavy launch hehe. So fat it was seen by 30 people Hooray!:)

Anyway, I am very happy about it. I got some feedback and I will probably make some more videos about the IdeasKeeper. It’s a really good feeling to actually finish something and I will try to improve my doc. As soon as will get comfortable about the Coda doc I will share it with you. πŸ™‚

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Stay with me. Emil.