No coffee and no sugar challenge

Its been already over a week when I stopped to drink coffee. Actually, this challenge should be more about sugar but since I drink coffee just with sugar I had to avoid coffee as well.

All of this is just my personal decision. I do not feel I would really need it but I just wanna take a step back and be aware of how much coffee and sugar coming into my body. I do not have also any weight problems. I would need more gain some weight instead of losing haha.

To be honest, I do plan to avoid sugar or coffee forever I would like to keep it a month maybe two and see what it is doing with my body.

Let’s see my coffee and sugar backgrounds

I started to drink coffee a lot during my stay in Toronto cuz of my work in a coffee shop I had access to coffee all day every day for free. I think everyone would take advantage of it haha.

After my comeback sure I drink less but still can make my coffee at work, so I usually take two big coffees a day (with 2 espresso shots). I don’t think it’s something crazy but still, I feel sometimes I should drink less and do not be that addicted. Personally, I hate if someone says that they cannot work without a morning coffee or they cannot even properly wake up. Slowly I was getting into this feeling.

Actually, I do not have coffee connected directly to “caffeine boost” but more as a dessert (as I said I drink coffee with sugar) so I shouldn’t have the withdrawal symptoms so strong.

The sugar itself is a different kind of story. I love any kind of sweets since I am a kid. I eat sweets always. I couldn’t even imagine to no eat some sweets after every main dish. The whole chocolate eaten in a sec? no problem for me.

Especially in recent weeks, I wouldn’t leave a grocery store without some sweet snack. That was the time I told myself I should keep track of this bad habit.

Let’s make it clear I do not do the hardcore mode. I am not gonna avoid all the sugars just the obvious ones. I do no eat all kind of sweets, snacks, sweets lemonades, I cannot put sugar into the tea and so on. I do not care about sugar in durable food and I still do eat fruits. As I said I do not eat just the obvious ones.

It’s been 10 days since I started. How do I feel so far?

I don’t think I had some a big crisis so far. Sure I miss these pleasures but yet it wasn’t hard to keep going. I just not buying any sweet stuff anymore and when I do not have easy access to sweets it is easier to not eat them. With coffee its a little harder cuz I have always access to the coffee machine at my work and if I wanna be lazy and take some break it’s really hard to not grab one. Water not making me happy that much haha.

I eat a little more other stuff. Yes, I could see this little change. If I cannot grab anything sweet I must eat something else instead. So I definitely eat more pastry now.

Instead of coffee, I drink more water, but still, I think I should drink more.

If I am talking about my moods. I think it didn’t change that much. I guess, I was little moody the first few days but I think it’s getting back to the normal but will see the following days.

I think my sleep improved. Especially the first few days I slept so well. Sure I cannot really measure how no sugar affects my sleeping but I think it can have a positive effect but yeah next days gonna tell more.

.. just must be strong πŸ™‚

I know it’s just about 10 days now. Short time to get some conclusion, but hopefully I am gonna be able to keep it and will tell you more in the following months.

I am trying a different approach with this habit. Usually, I talk about these challenges after a longer period of time I actually keeping them but with this one, I would like to make a public commitment which motivates me to keep going.

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Stay with me. Efran.

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