No money no fun – PART-TIME JOB

The times are here. I do not have money!:D Youtube career is just at the beginning and I still need to eat something.

Hopefully, I can cover some expenses and free my mind a little. Sure it will be hard work but in total it should help me.

If I will have some safety net I am gonna feel better. Just don’t screw it up.

As I said my Youtube career continues. My last video is a VLOG. I have never made video like these and I wanted to try. It’s harder than I expect. Keep recording, keep talking some things, think about the program. Very very hard.

You can see the final result here. It’s in Czech language but you can still see what I did the whole day.

I love the THUMBNAIL even though it wasn’t the best fit for my VLOG.

Great experience I am gonna use this format in the future. I need to keep my channel authentic and personal. Step by step finds some audience.

Wish me luck