No more hanging around

OK, I made a big decision this week.

I wasn’t really happy with my 9 to 5 job. It wasn’t about the atmosphere at work just the wellness products aren’t really the cup of my tea.

I couldn’t force myself to work hard and identify with the business. Also, I am not really good employee. I am super lazy if I must work for someone else. Yeah, not really good quality.

Anyway, I had an idea to leave for a quite while. I was pondering this thought many months but just couldn’t decide how to do it.

I cam to conclusion and proposed to my boss a kinda win-win situation.

I am gonna stay at work until the end of March (I need to wait some time to let him find some replacement). Since then, I am gonna go there just for two days a week and will be paid just for the hours I spend there.

The rest of the week I am gonna work on my side hassles. I simply will try to survive on my own.

In the best-case scenario, I am gonna be working just on my own. In the worst-case scenario I am gonna back to a full-time job.

Yeah, shit just got real but I think there is the last time where I can try to do it.

I got some savings, I do not have big expenses and I do not need to care about my own family, cuz I do not have one yet.

The goal is clear. I just need to survive.

It feels like a radical change I know. I could work like that even with the full-time job but I just felt in my guts I need to do it. Last month I felt super burnout and the change was needed that’s why I decided to take a plunge.

In my mind, there is no way back now. I just need to force myself to work hard and focus on my side projects deeper.

Wish me luck :). I will definitely keep you posted about my struggles and hopefully successes.

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Stay with me. Emil

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