– New project

Finally, I can introduce you to the new project I am working on right now. Its called

Now the description stands: All about no-code.

I would like to bring you my personal and honest view about no-code movement and everything connected to it.

The topic is gonna be a little wider and I would like to write about everything that is connected for making side projects, no-code movement and makers movement.

So far I wrote 3 posts (Notion vs Coda, free IdeasKeeper Coda doc, Makerlog vs vs ProductHunt/Makers).

  • I would like to experiment with the content. Every post should be connected to a video.
  • I wanna make my post nice to read (with great UX) and SEO friendly.
  • So far the only way of the promotion is sharing on the new twitter account (tagging the projects I mention in the articles).
  • I do not say I am expert in this field I just wanna try to give out some of my honest thoughts. I will improve by the time (fake it till you make it haha).

I know to have “Magazine” in the name is little ambitions but who knows :). In the beginning, I would like to bring one post a week but in the near future make at least two posts a week. I think that is gonna be maximum I can do just on my own to keep some quality and do not get crazy haha.

Why I decided to start this project

First of all the last few months, I devoted to writing so this is the kinda natural way how to move forward and improve even more.

I like to read about side projects, I like to read about the maker’s movement, I like the no-code movement cuz I cannot really code by myself. So I would like to connect the dots and participate in the movement with my own magazine and my point of view.

My goal is to bring great content which can help you to navigate through the maker’s, no-code, side projects movement and show you the way to your own success project πŸ™‚

To be honest I have never made a project like this. Its completely new field for me. Sure I am gonna learn on the way but that’s what I like. Wish me luck πŸ™‚

Some technical info behind the scenes

No wonder it’s on WordPress cuz I am familiar with it. I use simple GeneratePress theme I like their simplicity and easy adjusting.

I would like to keep the post UX as is it now but definitely wanna work on the home page design a little bit more. To make it look a little bit more magazin-ish haha.

Sure I need to wait until I upload more content.

Okay that a little introduction. Hopefully, the project gonna grow. I plan to work on it a lot and move almost all my focus there.

Will keep you informed in the regular monthly reviews.

Other stuff

I connected the new project with my youtube channel (probably will rename). You can see the new video below.

You can look forward to the July stats already tomorrow. I show you stats of this blog, my youtube channel, affiliate website, and the new project.

I haven’t checked my previous report so will see if I could make some of my goals haha.

Don’t hesitate to follow my journey and subscribe to my mailing list. πŸ™‚ HERE πŸ™‚

Stay with me. Emil.