Nothing interesting happened at all

Some weeks are just like “nothing interesting happened at all” and the last week was one of them :)). I did my routine 5 work days in Aroma, went to Thaibox, practice the guitar but nothing extraordinary. Actually, I was again watching the Stanley cup finals in Duffy’s Tavern. After that this time, there were singing and playing guitar female singer well-known songs and I liked it (I like almost every time if somebody plays guitar haha :)).

In the ordinary life, I have to once a month go to the barbershop it’s maybe more expensive than regular hairdresser salon, but I got used to going also in Czech, so I tried it also here. It costs 30 CAD + tips, but actually is cheaper than in Czech :)), I think first and the last thing I found that is cheaper in Canada than in the Czech Republic. I go to nearby barber shop Hollow Ground, there are really good and the atmosphere is super chilled and nice so don’t hesitate to stop by!:)

And one other thing has changed to our house moved new two people one guy from Japan and one guy from France and they both are cool and more willing to talk than previous tenants :). So we now hang out in the kitchen more and talking about everything. It’s really good for my English and I probably extend my stay here for two more months. I have a contract now just until the end of July. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to extend it before because of its big construction right next to our house and it is sometimes really annoying to hear all the noises. They start with the construction regularly at 8 am 6 days per week :(, but I think I am getting used to it:) at least have to wake up early and do something.:)

Last week was also super windy, when I ride my bike it’s really hard then because I always naturally ride against wind :)), but it should get better 🙂

As I am sometimes a little bit bored and don’t have much to do I am trying to read a lot. Its because I like reading in general and also it helps me improve English. I read every book here in English, if I don’t understand use google translate and sometimes just guess and sometimes create in my head whole new story because the original is lost in translation.:))  Of course, I am trying to choose books with easier English:). Anyway, hope it helps :). I read so far the Inheritance series by Christoper Paoloni,  the classic fantasy novel The Hitchhikers Guide to Galaxy by Douglas Adams, Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance and the last one Ready player one by Ernest Cline (this one is really catchy fiction novel about games and so, I recommend!:)). I use my old Kindle. I don’t know the model but its old, with keyboard, not touchscreen display. I like of course papery book more, but have to admit that I can not imagine it here without Kindl!:)

So this was was a little bit boring but I promise it going to change!:) Right next week I going to Kalyna Rakel concert, see the Toronto Blue Jays game in Rogers center, go again to rock climbing and many more. Still, summarize my incomes and expenses here in Canada and definitely will write a post about it but have to wait a few more weeks to collect more data (worth it to wait :)).

So keep tuned and read to me next week!:)