November 2019 stats and overview

Ok, when I talked about the running time in the last review. I wouldn’t say that the November past even faster.

Its 30th of September and regular review of my success and fails (mostly fails) is here again.

I am still in the shadow and just let it flow. The only projects I actually work on is this personal blog and my affiliate site. I am really sorry about that but it is what it is.

At least I was thinking more about all this movement and my tries to succeed online. Sure I didn’t come up with any worth idea but I am gonna get there I promise.

Ok not more talking let’s see the September statistics.

My blog

Not much to see. This blog really just stays in one place. I got some pageview push but I guess its gonna be just some spam or something. Otherwise the same old boredom. Actually, I am not surprised. The recent posts aren’t really entertaining and I do not promote them at all. Must do better next month.

The metrics I am focusing on:

  • New blog posts in November: 5 (counting this one) – The quality is was a very week and I didn’t bring anything new under the sun. Just boring personal stuff without much depth. Still, I couldn’t keep the weekly schedule and I am still happy about it. Only routine which stands.
  • Pageviews: 379 – The pageviews raised a lot but I guess it’s just some SPAM. Anyway, I don’t care haha.
  • New users: 34 – Almost the same as the previous month. No peak. I am crying.
  • Subscription to my mailing list: 0 – :// No one wants to read my entertaining newsletters.

Goals for the next month

  • New post every Tuesday. I am sure I will make it again. Don’t worry. I wanna focus on quality this month and promote the content more.
  • Let’s have about 300 pageviews. But I wanna natural growth no spammy peaks.
  • Will I get 50 new users?. it’s about time.
  • Without visitor’s growth, there cannot be any fish in my newsletter list. So lets don’t make me blue much about this right now.

No-code project

I keep wondering when I see the Nocodemag statistics. I haven’t touched this website for over 3 months and the numbers are still super solid.

Yeah, the numbers are lower than last month but still 289 new users and 385 pageviews.

I feel it could be so good if I get my passion back. But the spark didn’t come back to me. So still stand by mode.

Goals for the next month

I lied to myself last month. Again I wasn’t able to work on this project. What about December? I am not sure. Maybe I just need to find the right direction which is gonna motivate me.

Ok, I promise I will be at least think about it. I see the numbers and I shouldn’t just let it go so easily.

Youtube channel Organized life

I didn’t post any new content. So there is no wonder the numbers are slowly dropping. I feel like I owe my subscribers some content but not sure it the direction of this one is what I wanna do in the long term.

I need to think and I need to think hard. I really wanna find the one strong long term focus projects. Which brings me joy, fame, and money πŸ˜€

The Organized Life channel has 44 subscribers. I reached 168 views and 4.3 hours of watch time in November.

Goals for the next month:

… Let’s make a decision. Should I continue or not. Should I start a new channel? I promise I will do think about it and I am gonna let you know in the next report.

The affiliate site

On the statistics, you can see that the shopping season is here. The numbers raised in every aspect. Fortunately, the commissions were pretty low. Hopefully, I will get much more in December. People, please buy stupid t-shirts for Christmas, haha.

I had a short crisis and I didn’t post once my regular post. Fortunately I could catch up on the weekend and in the end, I even upgrade all the links and migrate everything to a new affiliate platform.

I am happy I work on the website a little more than usual.

Goals vs the reality

  • New post in November: 4 – The number seems small but I was able to post new post a week (once I was just a little late)
  • New users: 227 – I could make my goal and the number almost doubled. People shopping like crazy which is good for me :).
  • Commissions: 2 – The big disappointment here. I could get just two commissions. The eCommerce website changed the affiliate provider. So I was a little worried it can be the reason for low earnings. But in the end, I got at least these two so the problem is with my site, haha, still I expected it has should be done much better. Hopefully next month.

Goals for the next month:

  • One post a week – No change here. It’s not hard to keep. Just the motivation lacking sometimes. But December is the month where I can get at least some money to cover my expenses. I cannot give up now.
  • 300 new users. Christmas will bring many new users. I am sure :).
  • I couldn’t make it last month. Not even close but in December I must get at least 10 commissions.

Monthly Summary

I didn’t make big progress this month. I didn’t even think a lot about the future. This is just my honest confession.

Anyway even though it doesn’t look like that I feel the motivation slowly coming back to me. I am getting my power back and I just feel in my bones I will come up with something new and solid.

Yeah, these are just blank words for now but I trust my guts and I promise you I will try harder than usual.

Come back next month and you will see πŸ™‚

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Stay with me. Emil