November 2020 stats and overview

As I am locked at home I feel like the time just flies in the superspeed mode.

I finished one month’s report and here we are with another one. What is going on? Its some sort of magic? Who knows.

Anyway, did I do at least something in November? The answer is simple. NO.

The crisis continues.

I guess I haven’t been lazier than now. It’s just a total disaster. The only bright thing about November was 4 new sales on Redbubble. All the other projects got stuck.

Lets see the numbers.

My blog

Not much to see here. My personal blog always gets its minimum and that’s it. There is no growth at all as usual. I keep posting once a week (randomly through all days) but cannot really dive into some decent topic so it’s just my personal bluff.

No-code project

Slow degrees continues. On the bright side, it’s not a zero. Hooray. I would be happy to seel this project and just move on but no one wants it yet.

Youtube channel Efran(former Organized life)

Not much to see here. I didnt post any new video in November.

I want to continue here but I didn’t come up with any strong topic for the video. I need to keep it simple and short. Also to improve production quality.

Post a video and see the miracles thats my goal for the next month. I have to bring new content.

The affiliate site

I got some commissions but it’s not cuz my hard work but cuz the coming Christmas season. People simply start buying stuff everywhere on the internet and somehow used my links.

It’s better than nothing and it should pay at least the bills for domain and hosting. I call it success :).

Month summary

Okay Okay. Same old same old. I haven’t been able to work on my projects but at the end of the day, I earned some money. Who else can say that?:D

I know I am stupid.

December, will you be my breakthrough month? Let’s see in the next review!:)

Stay tuned. Emil