October 2020 stats and overview

Yeah, I could make it until November. If I can look around and see the old bad news it a success, haha!:)

Let’s be honest. I didn’t work a lot on my projects:). What a surprise. Still, there is one success. I made the first two sales in my Redbubble store. I didn’t expect that but I sold one face mask and one t-shirt.

After 3 months of designing and more than 100 designs, it’s not a lot I know but it really made me happy. I do not follow any trends It’s just freestyle still I was able to earn something. Hooray. It’s good to see that it actually works. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ok but let’s see the the numbers of my regular reviewed projects.

My blog Worktravelenjoy.com

Small growth is still growth!:) But yeah it’s still a disaster. My recent inconsistency definitely does not help.

I still plan to finish this year in full power and make a new record of posts per year. I have already a record year but I wanna make it until the end!:)

No-code project Nocodemag.com

Similar numbers all the way. I do not work on this project anymore but it’s nice to see that it still has some attention.

I posted on my Twitter that the Nocodemag is for sale. It would be a huge success if I could sell it but so far no one contacted me.

I think there is still a huge potential so I think I am gonna get the right offer very soon.

Youtube channel Efran(former Organized life)

The views are very low. I uploaded just one video this month so no wonder.

As I started learning more about video editing I would like to upgrade my channel a lot. So hopefully it’s gonna reflect in my numbers very soon.

The affiliate site oblibenatricka.cz

More or less the same. I do not work on this project at all. There should be some organic increase cuz of the upcoming Christmas time. We will see. ๐Ÿ™‚

Month summary

As always it was a very weak month on my side. I am just not able to work hard on my projects. It’s a never-ending story.

Will be Septemeber any diferent? Lets see in the next overview!:)

Stay tuned. Emil