OK keep getting stuck

I am not happy about my writing journey here. Last week’s post was about my passion for this blog … and guess what I didn’t do a thing until today. I watch my blog falling into the void. I am sorry for that.

Today I decide also to get rid of my Czech affiliate project Oblibenatricka and also my first successful foreign project Nocodemag (successful in the case of some visitors, not money :D). My only focus will be on my Youtube channel.

It has to be like that cuz I don’t have time for anything else anyway. My recent two videos on the channel do better than the rest I am happy about it. The last videos are one of the funnies I think and also I tried other editing techniques. I had so much fun making that video.

I need to somehow find balance between SEO content and something I actually like to make.

I would like to get more subscribers of course that’s the only thing that bothers me. I know I know I shouldn’t focus on that but it’s very important in case of motivation. If I will not see any growth it will be very hard to keep going.

Dont worry I am very possitive and I trust in my self.

Stay tuned.