On my way home – Part 1 – Tokyo

I don’t know why but It always seems too boring to go just straight back home to me. So  I never wanna miss an opportunity to do my way home a little bit more interesting. When I worked in Canada I met so many people from Asia, especially Japan and Korea. They became my friends and I couldn’t get a better chance to visit them than now cuz I was already in the same part of the world. So I decided to go. First Japan after that Korea. That was my plan. Lets read about the first days of my trip to Tokyo.

Leaving Bali

My trip to Tokyo started kinda sad cuz I had to leave Bali. Of course, I was so excited but Bali was so good and I wish I could stay a little bit longer. Ok, no more cries Tokyo waiting for me. Let’s start with a flight ticket. I plan my trip in advance, but this time I did a little change when I was buying the tickets. First I used Kiwi.com to check my trip possibilities but then I used directly airlines websites to buy the tickets. It was a little bit risky cuz I bought every ticket one by one so If I couldn’t fly out from Bali, for example, all the tickets would be canceled without getting any money back. Fortunately, everything went smoothly :). You are maybe wondering why I did it like that. It was cheaper so worth to risk. I left Bali 22nd of January at night.

Arrival to Tokyo

My arrival at Tokyo Narita airport was the 23rd of January in the morning (at least I saved money for accommodation). The flight took around 7 hours and I did fly with Indonesia AirAsia. I didn’t book any hostel in advance I just know that I will meet my friends in the evening. So the plan was to find the meeting point first and then book some hostel close by. If you have never traveled to Japan before like me you would be maybe afraid of getting lost so as I but eventually it was pretty easy.

From the airport to Tokyo center

Narita airport is kinda far from Tokyo city center (around 1.5hour). You have many options on how to get out of the airport you can take a bus, train, taxi or so. I was thinking about the bus but unfortunately, the day before was heavy snowing in Tokyo so the busses were out of service so I took the local train the ticket cost a little bit over 1000 Yen (just one-way ticket). Small tip: try to find a seat when you get it cuz it takes a really long time and the trains are crowded. After a long flight, it was really inconvenient to stand all the way. I forgot to mention that I bought 72 hours subway ticket at the airport for 1500 Yen. I read before that it’s hard to buy in the city, but don’t know if it’s true. By the train, I got to Ueno station then transferred to the subway. I was kinda scared of Tokyo subway but actually, it is pretty easy. Every station has an English translation and it’s also marked with a number.

Let’s find a hostel

The first goal was to get to Shinjuku station no biggie after about 40 minutes I was sitting in the coffee shop and looking for the hostel. It was pretty easy as well for hostels I always use app Hostelworld, it shows you the hostels around and price per night. I picked a little bit more expensive one Imano Tokyo hostel (30 CAD per night) but it was close by and I didn’t really want to go far. Have to say I really enjoyed staying there. After 2.5 months in Indonesia. The perfect hot shower was really delightful and I could stay in forever haha.

Meeting my friends

Around 6 pm I met my two beautiful friends and we did go to eat sushi. I still couldn’t believe that I am in Japan. It was great to see them. After the perfect dinner, yeah sushi tastes much better in Japan than in other countries. We visited Tokyo tower and I could see Tokyo from the top. Unfortunately, I could meet my friends just this only night because they had to go again to work the next day, but still was so thankful at least for that amazing evening.

Wandering around Tokyo

Next day I visited the busiest part of Tokyo and the busiest crossroad in the world, Shibuya, funny thing that it was kinda cold and a weekday so actually not many people been there. Later I visited the Asakusa temple. And the third day afternoon I just headed back to the airport cuz I needed to move to Osaka. To the airport, I got again just by subway and local train. With subway to Ueno station and then by local train to Narita. I already knew the way so it was pretty easy. It took around an hour and a half.

I really liked Tokyo everything was clean and neat, The people were really nice. It’s a pity I couldn’t stay a little bit longer, but my trip was lined tightly so I had to move forward. The next stop Osaka, but about that, you can read in the next post!:)

I decided to make a short video. It is just raw footage from my phone. It can maybe introduce you this amazing city better.