On my way home – Part 2 – Osaka

First Tokyo and the next stop on my trip was Osaka. My second and the longest stop. I visited there my roommate from Toronto Kazuya. I could stay at his family house. It was perfect cuz I could see a little from typical Japanese culture. His parents are living there and his grandmother across the street. I think I have never met such nice people like them. Even though they didn’t know me before I really felt there like home. They were so caring. Always asking if I am all right, cooking breakfast for me, washing my clothes. I couldn’t be more grateful and all Kazuyas family made my stay in Osaka unforgettable.

First things first. Like I wrote in the previous post I took a flight from Tokyo Narita to Osaka Kansai. The flight was over an hour and I did fly with Vanilla Air.

From Osaka is it close to other cities so I didn’t stay the whole 5 days there but about that in other posts. Getting from the airport was easy this time cuz my friend Kazu picked me up by car. What an amazing start. We stopped by to eat right away on the way.

Kazuya house is in the old style of Japanese fashion. So you can see classic papery walls. I couldn’t be happier cuz I always wanted to see that in person. Like I said in the house living Kazuya parents and also his brother. I didn’t want to bother much but they really looked like they are happy to have me there or they are good actors haha. Kazuya room is on the first floor and stayed there with him.

First, we visited the Osaka castle. Typical Japanese style castle I would say, but I liked it. After that, we did go to Ebisuhigashi. The colorful part of Osaka with some tower. We had really great food there. I played on some Japanese gambling machine. You are just winning some small metal balls. You need to press some joypad, actually I really didn’t know what I’m doing.. so I lost all the money, fortunately, that was Kazuyas money hehe.

They went to shopping part of the Osaka Dotombori. It was good to be with Kazu cuz he was taking o lot of photos of me with his new iPhone X. And of course he showed me a lot of nice places and restaurants.

The first day in Osaka was finished with a very funny story. Kazu had to go to his part-time job in the evening, but he told me that his parents want to go with me to dinner. I was very pleased so I, of course, accept the invitation. The only problem was that they cannot speak a word in English. So the conversation was kinda challenging. Anyway, they took me to some of their friend’s restaurant. We ate a lot of traditional Japanese food and for me, it was one of the best memory of the whole trip. Even we couldn’t understand each other I believe they were happy too.

From my 5 days, I stayed just in Osaka only 2. Cuz I was traveling to other cities around. But in the meantime, I was eating a lot. Sushi wasn’t the most on my menu how you would say but we often have been to Izakaya bar, where you can order all kinds of meal and the orders keep coming. You can also drink a beer, which I really liked.

The last day night I met another friend for dinner. I wanted to meet all my coworkers from Toronto one by one. I was so happy I could manage it so far.

On the 30th of January, I just took the JR train to the Airport. Interesting thing is that Kansai airport in Osaka is on the island. My next stop was Busan in South Korea but about that in some other posts.

Keep tuned and read me more.

Again you can watch raw footage from Osaka in this short video.