On my way home – Part 3 – Kobe

Like I said in the previous post. I didn’t stay the whole 5 days just in Osaka but I traveled to the cities around. The first trip was to Kobe cuz I wanted to meet there another friend from Toronto. From Osaka it’s pretty easy to get there I took just JR train and It takes just about an hour and costs around 1000Yens. Traveling by JR in Japan is pretty easy if you don’t have JR pass like me. You have to buy single tickets. In every station, you use the ticket machine, press just the station where you want to go and it shows you the price. Of course, you can switch the language to English, yeah in Japanese it would be a bigger adventure hehe.

I just managed a meeting with my friend all the other plan I left on her. What a good friend I am haha.  But really for me was this trip just all about to meet all my friends in the first place. I didn’t really need to see any special sights.

Ok, I jumped off the train at Sannomiya station.  Waited for a while for my friend and all day visit of Kobe could start. Have to say that the whole of my trip was so cold. It was kinda big shock after three months in Bali hehe. But I used a lot of layers so I could survive Although I needed a lot of stops in coffee shops or just to eat something.

Kobe is an important port town and much smaller than Osaka or Tokyo. It’s by the Osaka bay but on another side than Osaka. We walked almost everywhere with my friend.  First, we visited Kobe – Shimoyamatedori classic Japanese temple.

Then we walked through the city. For lunch, we have been to the amazing restaurant to try well known Kobe beef. Next stop was in the city call where is a great view to see the city from the top and it’s for free.

Next, we grab some coffee and waited for sunset cuz the best thing came, in the end, we did go by the bay. But one last stop on the way. We walked through the Kobe Chinatown, it’s one of the Kobe main tourist attraction, Then we could walk straight to the bay and see the main buildings well known from Kobe panorama in the night but in the bright lights. It was one of the highlights of the whole trip. Its called Kobe Harborland and you can see many interesting buildings there. Meriken Park, Kobe port tower or Machikado amusement park.

The day in Kobe we finished again in Izakaya bar and drunk some beers and ate delicious food. Then I just took the JR back to Osaka and that was it.

Next time you can read about the last city I visited in Japan so keep tuned and don’t miss it.

A short video from Kobe: