On my way home – Part 4 – Kyoto

Kyoto is much bigger than Kobe so one day wouldn’t be enough. Because of that, I did two trips to Kyoto. Once I went alone and once with my friend Kazuza. Again it takes about one hour from Osaka to Kyoto by JR trains.

The first day I have been to Fushimi Inari, Kinkakuji temple and Arashiyama. I did go just by myself and I didn’t get lost. I can take it as a success hehe. Fushimi Inari is typical orange gates, I have seen in on many photos of my friends so I must see it as well.

The next stop was Kinjakuji temple. To get there was a little bit harder cuz I didn’t study the way too much so I got out of the train too far so I had to walk about 30 minutes, but eventually, I got there. You have to pay entry fee there but its definitely worth it. The temple is golden and all the place is kinda magical, I have never seen anything like that before.

The last stop was Arashiyama. It’s a bamboo forest and its good to see as well. I was running of the time cuz it was getting dark and I got a little bit lost there, I just couldn’t find it. But, fortunately, I made it on time and I could take many pictures. Then straight back to JR train and I again back home to Osaka.

The next day I headed to Kyoto again but this time with my friend Kazuza so it was much easier. The first we went to see Sakyo-Ku then we had lunch at one Chinese style restaurant. Our next goal was to see Higashiyama-Ku another Japanese temple. On the way, we stopped in some coffee shop and we were just enjoying the day.

For me, all the Japanese temples look kinda the same. They are probably some differences for which religion which temple belongs but I didn’t study that before. It was good to have Kazuya there cuz he could take a lot of pictures for me. We did ninja shooting, I took bandana, so all the photos were in ninja style. I really enjoyed that.

Kyoto is probably one of the most interesting cities in Japan, so many beautiful temples, nature sights and so on. I could stay there just for 2 days and I definitely didn’t see everything. I would definitely recommend spending there more days.

So yes this was the last post from Japan, but don’t worry my trip was just in half at that time. So you can look forward to a few more post about my journey before I got home.

Stay tuned and read my next posts.

Raw footage video from Kyoto here: