On my way home – Part 5 – Busan and Ulsan

As you could guess Japan wasn’t the last stop before I headed home. So where I went next? I am not gonna let you wait for a long time, the next stop was South Korea. To be specific the city Busan.

Busan it’s in the southern part of South Korea and from Osaka, it takes about an hour and a half by a plane. This time I did go with Peach airlines.

The flight went well but the first problem was when I got to the Busan airport. I planned to meet my friends in the city center so I needed to get from the airport by a limousine bus and I had to get Korean money Wons in cash to pay for the bus, so I did go straight to the airport ATM but it didn’t work with my card and unfortunately none of the ATMs at the airport worked with my card.

When I asked at the information desk what should I do they couldn’t help me but they told me its common there. Yeah, I wished I knew that in advance. I was starting to be desperate cuz I didn’t want to stuck at the airport, fortunately, I asked the bus driver and he told me that on the next station I can pay for the ticket by card at the kiosk so eventually, everything ended well. The way from the airport by limousine bus actually took a lot of time I think over an hour and a half. It was kinda far and also the traffic was so heavy. I didn’t expect that fortunately, I had a reserve so I met my friends on time.

I did meet up with my friends by Haeundae Beach its beautiful beach with the view of the Gwangandaegyo bridge. What a surprise that my friends booked me a room in a new capsule Hotel 1 with an amazing view and they stayed with me there for a night. I couldn’t wish for more.

Also, they picked me by a car so we were easily movable, first we checked in at the hotel and then we went for a walk on the beach and then to a typical Korean barbecue restaurant. After the food, we did go to the pub and grabbed some beers. It’s funny that in Korea its Cocko franchise which served Czech beer so I could drink some Pilsners hehe.

Next day morning I woke up for sunrise cuz that was the main reason staying at that hotel and it was worth it. Seeing the sunrise over the bridge was so beautiful.

The next day we did go first to Gamcheon Culture Village. Its colorful village up the hill in the city of Busan. I don’t know exactly the history of the village but apparently, it was one of the poorest parts of the Busan. But one day one smart guy decided to paint all the buildings there in bright colors. So the village became very popular among the tourists’ cuz you can take nice pictures to your Instagram account here.

After walked through the village we jumped into the car and moved to Ulsan. Ulsan is a little bit over an hour from Busan. Its a city of Hyundai. First, we made a stop by the shore. I could see a big post box and a mill. On the way to the city center, we visited coll coffee shop Hey mer. After the sunset we checked the bamboo forest in Ulsan, which was shining with colorful lights then we headed to the city center for the last beer and dinner together. After that, my friends kicked me in front of the hotel (which again they already booked for me) and I could get some strength before my another journey next day.

The next day I just checked out from the hotel, took a bus to the train station and headed to the capital city of South Korea, Seoul. Go by train to Seoul was pretty easy I took the KTX train from Ulsan and in about 2 and a half hour I got to Seoul.

So the last days of my trip I spent in Seoul but about that in the next post. Stay tuned.