On my way home – Part 6 – Seoul

All the trips must end sometimes no exception for mine. Let’s summarize my last 4 days which I spent in the capital city of South Korea Seoul. I got to Seoul by KTX train from Ulsan it was a pleasant ride and pretty short I couldn’t even have time to take a nap haha.

I have never been in Seoul before and as you already know me I didn’t plan anything in advance so when I got to Seoul station the first thing to do was to find some hostel to stay. I used again the Hostelsword app and I had just two conditions for my accommodation it had to be cheap and within walking distance from Seoul station. I didn’t wanna get lost in Seoul subway right away.

This time I didn’t pick a good hostel. It was super cheap (11USD per night) that’s true and just 10 minutes walking from Seoul station but my shared room with bunk beds was pretty inconvenient and other guests were pretty weird. I didn’t feel comfortable there at all. Fortunately, it was just for two nights.

Anyway, my trip wasn’t about staying at the hostel so most of the time I spent walking through the city of Seoul. The first day after checked in at the hostel. I visited the plaza, a place like 10 minutes in walking distance from my hostel. Because in time of my visit was one week before winter Olympic games. You could see everywhere that Seoul is getting ready for that even the games itself was mainly in Pjongchang. For example at the plaza was icerink and Olympic city where you could see some exhibits or try some winter Olympic games sports. I tried just ice skating cuz it feels like right way to do but it was freezing so I almost froze. But good experience after that I just grabbed some food and went to the hostel.

The next day I just walked around the city I must say that this time I didn’t plan anything (like always) and I was already kinda tired so most of the day I was just sitting in the coffee shops. Anyway, I managed to see at least something. I visited Gyeongbokgung Palace, Myeongdong Cathedral, Cheonggyecheon. Better to say that I just walked around I am not really a fan of paying entry fees.

The third day was the best because I finally met my friends and they made a plan for me hehe. First, we checked in some guest house where we could spend a night together it was much more comfortable than my previous hostel. After that, we headed to the city. I just remember it was so cold again. My friends took me to the typical Korean market to eat some traditional Korean food. Then we got to go to some party part of Seoul. First, we grabbed some beers in Cocko franchise and then the night continued with typical Korean activity we have been to a Karaoke bar. It was so much fun even I cannot sing at all, but my friends are great singers. After a few more beers and a few more embarrassing songs from my side, we did go eat again. This time ve visited Spanish restaurant (its good to take a break from form local food sometimes). And that was is. We just took a taxi to our hostel and went to bed. This was actually the last night of my trip and it was the best ending.

The next day we just woke up. My friends took me for some typical Koran breakfast. Have to say I didn’t like it that much cuz it was like regular food. A lot of rice, spicy and so on. but if I am in Korea I just must try it hehe.

The last thing to do was to get to the airport. My friends accompanied me. It was pretty easy we just took a train from Seoul station and in about an hour we go to the Seoul Incheon Airport. At the airport, we walked together to check in and then just last hugs, last goodbyes, and my trip was over

This should be the last post about my way back home, but my flight and transfer in Moscow were pretty adventures so I will write one more post just about it, but you have to wait for it for a few more weeks! Stay tuned.