On my way home – Part 7 – The Way back

Like I said in the previous post. My way back home was kinda adventures so I have for you one last post about my Asian trip.

I jumped in the airplane at Seoul Kimcheon airport and the schedule was pretty easy. First I needed to get to Moscow and then transfer to my last plane to Prague, all operated by Aeroflot so I wasn’t much worried I finally flight by decent airlines not cheap low-cost. The beginning was all right. Pretty good service, good food, and everything went smoothly.

Unfortunately, it changed when we were almost in Moscow cuz the snowstorm hit the capital city of mother Russia. After the long flight (over 9 hours) not really convenient situation.

First, the captain tried to land at the destination airport, but as you can guess it wasn’t that easy so after two unsuccessful attempts we had to land at another airport about 20 minutes far from Moscow. I have never been in such situation before I haven’t even experienced that the plane had to pull over during the landing attempt so scary and twice in a row. I must say that I was pretty afraid. Anyway, after this, we safely landed at another airport everyone was so happy and kinda relieved that this nightmare is finally over unfortunately it wasn’t.

Cuz we had to stay in the airplane and wait and wait and wait… Total over two hours and the unpleasant flight continued. The captain said that the situation over the Moscow airport calm down so we took off again and headed back to the correct airport again. Finally this time we landed safely on the first try. But I would say all the struggles kept going. I think our plane parked in the furthest part of the airport then we again waited for the busses and then back to the airport on that busses. Don’t worry the troubles kept going. I was totally sure that I missed my connecting flight(we were delayed over 5 hours) but when I got to the hall they told me that my flight to Prague has a final call and I could make it if I hurry up. Unfortunately, I got stuck at one stupid control, then I run over the whole terminal and guess what, the gate just closed. So this flight just couldn’t end worse hehe.

To be honest I have never been in this situation before so actually, I really didn’t know what to do and what will happen. So the first thing I did. I did go to the first information desk. They just told me to go to Aeroflot information desk. So I had to go all the way back I was running a few minutes ago and try to find out more. I finally arrived there but no wonder I wasn’t alone, a big crowd of people yelling at two poor officers.

After a few minutes I got to talk to them and they just told me that I need to wait. So I waited and finally, they rebooked me for morning flight at 9 am to Prague and gave me meal vouchers. I was hoping for a hotel room as well but I could see there is no chance to get a hotel for free. Everything was full and I had no power to fight for my rights. So I just started to look for an as much comfortable place on the ground as I can find.

Again this wasn’t over yet cuz the flight I was rebooked was canceled. I found out maybe an hour after I got my new tickets so I headed back to Aeroflot information desk. Nobody there even its should be open 24/7 but fortunately just for a few minutes. The woman on the desk rebooked me for another flight to Prague this time at 11 am and gave me another meal vouchers. At least I didn’t have to pay for food (but of course I could use it just in a few restaurants, not all of them taking it).

I think I didn’t sleep much most of the time I was just wandering around the airport, eating something and keep checking if my flight is still scheduled. Somehow I could make it until the morning.

Finally, I was getting onto the airplane. I couldn’t believe that I will finally fly to Prague. There happened one last thing which playing on my nerves cuz when the plane started rolling the pilot said there are some technical issues and we have to go back. I was like why me again and I was thinking that we had to go out of the plane. Fortunately, it was just a small problem and after 30 minutes sitting on the plane, we could finally take off and fly to Prague after that the flight went smoothly.

As you can see I could really “enjoy” my last steps on the trip but in the end, I got home safely so I could forget about the bad things fast. My trip was amazing and I will never forget. So many memories and experience. All my friends were so nice to me. I don’t even know how can I pay them back. They made my trip unforgettable and I missing them already. Thank you.

So the traveling is over for now. Don’t worry I will keep blogging I have still a lot of things to say even though I am staying in Prague for now. Keep tuned.