On the bike in Toronto

As you know I bought an old bike here, its already almost two months, so I can share some experience with cycling here in Toronto :).

First of all, I think its quite dangerous haha, but that is cycling in general in every big city. :). The biggest problem is that car drivers don’t count with you sometimes. So it is happening a lot that you are driving around a parked car and the driver suddenly opens the door (yes it’s not enjoyable :))), so you have to react quickly!:). A lot of cyclists use the bell because of that and ringing almost all the time if they ride around parked cars, I just buy one in Dollarama day ago so as flashing lights (better late than never :)).  I still don’t have a helmet … I know I know should buy one, I think its here also mandatory wear helmet, but nobody stops me yet..soon!!:). Also, the bicycle racks are everywhere so you don’t have to be worry about where to park a bike, I use just a cheap bike lock (it cost around 15 CAD)  from Walmart. It’s true that I have just an old bike, so I don’t care if I leave it all day locked in the streets, but for more expensive bikes it’s better to lock it where you can check it once a while or inside.

Otherwise its the best thing, I really enjoy riding a bike here. There are a few pros and cons of riding a bike in Toronto :).

Some advantage:

  • You can always choose a different way and explore other parts of Toronto.
  • There are a lot of bike trails, not everywhere but still a lot.
  • Toronto is kind of flat, so easy to ride a bike.
  • You don’t need TTC card (I save 144 CAD every month, the bikes cost 140 CAD so after one month its paid off :)).
  • Especially in downtown its faster ride a bike than a car, the traffic is really strong.
  • The bikes racks are everywhere.

Some disadvantages:

  • It’s dangerous, you have to be careful in every minute.
  • Sometimes its really strong wind and you of course ride against :).
  • I had to go a few times when it rains

In Aroma, I just had the closing shifts all five days. I am starting to be good at it. The aroma is open till 10 and we close usually till 10.30 and that’s good at home I am then till 11.

One of the thing, why I hate myself, is that I am waking up then after 10 am almost every day so can not do a lot before I have to go to work again. I hope it will change but now is the sleep stronger. I basically just eat breakfast, play guitar and keyboards a little and it’s almost time to go to work. Two days I also try to go to the Thai box before work (yeah sometimes I am lazy :)) so no time for exploring.:(

Last a few weeks is in Toronto true summer, temperature around 30°C so weather just for t-shirt and shorts, I like it a lot, one disadvantage is that as I live in the loft room, I have private sauna there now:)) (yeah no air condition) so sometimes is hard to stay there, fortunately after I come back from work is much better and can have quite a good sleep :).

This is it, I hope somebody helps my tips about riding a bike here. I really enjoy it so don’t hesitate and buy one too!:)

Keep tuned and read me next week.