One big job interview and why I would take that job

OK, and we are back in posts about working. I am sorry but last week I had a job interview I have to tell you about.  Actually, as I got a job in the Aroma I completely stopped looking for new work opportunities, but almost month ago I applied through for the similar position I did in Prague and in the bigger companies everything goes little bit slower:).

So they called me just last week. The process was the same. I got an email from HR and we arranged a call. Its kind of the first check of you I had already two similar calls, so I knew what to expect. This time it was much better because the job description fitted my knowledge almost 100% I knew I could do the job easily so it was much easier to speak with the interviewer about it (by the way it was a really nice person). The call lasted about 30 minutes and I got a really good feeling that I can proceed at least to the next stage :).

My feelings were right because the next day I got another call and they invited me to a personal interview with Director of Digital operation and Email Team lead. Yes, little bit different league than my previous interviews to Dishwashing positions :). Β I was nervous a lot. It was increased that I got the interview confirmation just 30 minutes before the interview so I was in a hurry (the HR sent it to the wrong email before :)). The interview took place in one of the office building in Downtown, on the ninth floor :)), so I could look at the Toronto from above :).

The interview itself went well I think (it lasted around 40 minutes). I talked about the previous position, they asked me about my long-term, short-term goals. I asked about my new role and so. There were some problems, like I couldn’t answer a few questions, they asked me something about how I work in team and how I can cooperate with others teams in company, yes I should be prepared (It reminded me of my first job interview in Canada Β :)) and the biggest problem and that’s why (spoiler alert) I probably didn’t get the job was my limited work permit. We talked about it a lot, actually I don’t know if I want to stay in Canada for a longer time, but I should prepare better answers for them. First of all, I know I can extend my work permit for one year if I apply for the Young professional program. That I said, but they wanted longer-term possibilities and I didn’t know exactly how to apply for LMIA or PR so I got stuck a little bit…

So that was it they wished me a good day and send me home. They didn’t let me know after so I failed. Actually, I felt good after the interview, but as I summarized it by myself later they weren’t so satisfied :(. But again big lesson learned, great experience I stepped out of my comfort zone and that’s why I am here in Canada. πŸ™‚

You are maybe wondering now why I am so upset that I didn’t get that job and why I even tried to apply for that kind of office job. “Emil, you after all quite similar job in Prague, you felt burnt as you mentioned in why I am moving to Canada post and so“.  Yes, that is true, but there are a few reasons why I changed my mind a little bit.

First of all, I gain my strength back, I think I am now ready to work hard and use my brain again, not just hands :). In Prague job I was super limited with my English, I didn’t want to participate in new projects because I was afraid that I couldn’t speak with clients properly and also the whole university graduation, I wasn’t focused just on work. So I was just sitting in the office doing my usual stuff and that is a bad thing always!! You have to improve yourself every day in every minute, don’t be trapped in the routine I am struggling with that a lot!. My English is still bad :)), but I am more confident now, so one barrier is gone and this jobs position also sounded more interesting than that in Prague so I could identify with the projects and I hoped that help me to be more impressed by the work.

Second, the living in Toronto is soo sooo expensive, I knew that, but I hoped that there will be more income on the other hand. It is :)), but I have to work really hard to cover my expenses and maybe it still won’t be enough (I have been writing down all my expenses and incomes so one of the next posts will be about it. It will be definitely interesting reading for you!:))

Third, as you can see 90% of my blog posts are about working..just working and this is boring for me and what is most important for you also!! But I have to count money every day so there is no space for much traveling around and enjoying stuff and that sucks :(. With this skilled job should I cover my expenses and also enjoy it here and write about it so more joy for both sides!:)

It is just void talking I know πŸ™‚ but I wanted to share my feelings with you. This is one of the longest posts here, I am sorry!:)) I hope this whole experience gives me the courage and I will start applying for new job opportunities again :).

So another week passed, I looked at upper levels at least for a while :), I learned. I gain new experience and that’s how it should be! :)). Keep tuned and read to me next week! πŸ™‚

p.s. Look from my window πŸ™‚