ONE OK ROCK in Toronto

Somehow happend that i appeard on the concert of of the most popular rock band in Japan One OK Rock who performed in Rebel club in Toronto.

Before the concert I heard maybe one or two songs from them so I really didnt expect anything, but have to say that I really enjoyed their show. It has seemed that they are actually really good musician and the permormace did go more to hard rock that classic pop/ rock. I liked to listen to them and have to say the crowd liked a lot as well. They were singing mostly their english songs or english version of songs, so I could understand.

The concert took place in Rebel club its on east side part of the Toronto, by the lake. Its just around 20 minutes by bus from Union station, so really easy to get there. From Union station you can just walk its around 40 minutes.

They have one forerunnersm, band caled Cruisin from Philadelphia. They were good, but nothing extra special. They played maybe just 5 songs.


Next week behind,. Yesterday it was excatly 10 months since I came to Canada so the concert was like 10 months aniversarry gift for me :). Probably gonna leave Toronto end of February so last 1,5 months left. Gonna try enjoy it my last days here as much as I can, because who knows if I ever come to again.

Keep tuned on my blogging and read me next week!

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