Ontario place – Trillium Park and William G. Davis Trail

I began running a little bit. Its good for me and is also good that I can discover new places in Toronto because of that. One of those places in Trillium park at Ontario Place.

I guess It’s quite a new trail by Lake Ontario. It’s behind the Echo beach when I was for the XX concert. If you want a pleasant walk by the lake with a great view to downtown you should definitely go check it out there.

My best friend here in Toronto did go back to Germany, but before he left Toronto, we were together to a baseball game. Yes, one more time. This time again a little bit better seats, but fortunately we didn’t catch any ball :).

Like I am always saying that the tickets to a baseball game are cheap. This time we paid a lot, 65 CAD, yeah we bought the tickets from the resellers in front of the stadium, because on StubHub was everything already sold out. I wouldn’t pay that much, but it was last chance to spend some time with my friend so once I could do it for him :).

With summer came back a free outdoor cinema in Christie Pits park. I have been there once last year and I really enjoyed it. So I did go again. They were screening old movie The Maltese Falcon and it was pretty good. I definitely want to go a few more times. The festival is gonna continue every Sunday until the end of August. Here are websites of the festival with the movie schedule. If you don’t have anything to do on Sunday, visit this event, it’s really nice.

on my way back home I met this raccoon couple :))

The weather is so far a little bit crazy, its keep changing during the day.. sunny, cloudy, rainy, stormy you can get it all 🙂 but at least the clouds making nice scenery.

Another restaurant checked Vivoly in Little Italy, but this time, cannot really recommend, I didn’t like the food I got. So probably try something else…