Ordinary life

I haven’t written for a long time just about my ordinary life so there it is!:) For most of the people it will be writing just about small things, so if it would be boring for you, feel free to skip this post. I will not cry (maybe just a little :))).

Keep reading books in English, even the pace is not that fast as the first months but still finished a few books. First of them was The Road by Cormac McCarthy, an interesting novel about a journey through the post-apocalyptic world, the first book I read by this author. Next one is one of the classic books The Stranger by Albert Camus, little bit different thinking about life, but some of the thoughts force you to think, I liked that one. And the last one and my favorite were The Teacher Man by Frank McCourt.

I bought this time paperback didn’t use my kindle because I wanted to read this book for a long time and I saw it in one old bookstore so I had to just buy it!:) Its funny autobiography novel from Franks teaching career, I loved that book. Definitely one of must read at least for me!:). Who doesn’t know this author you should definitely check him out! His more famous books are Tis and Angels Ashes.

My work out career ended sooner than actually started haha. Last months I am so lazy. I haven’t been working out for a long time, I haven’t been to the Thai box and I haven’t been to the gym either :/. It’s crazy how my mood changed, maybe problems in the Aroma or I am exhausted and its too much here already in Canada for me or just old and simple laziness. I really don’t know but I have to go back on track soon otherwise I come to Czech weak and fat:)!!!!

My financial situation is bad as well. In Aroma I don’t have many hours (but I am actually happy about it), I didn’t start looking for a new job so first time in my Canadian history happened that I didn’t have enough money for paying the rent and I had to wait till paycheck, fortunately just two days, but I didn’t expect that I will struggle with the money as much as I am struggling now. Sure I could probably save more If I want, but last days I spent more on restaurants and so (I met someone :)) so yeah it is what it is. But its part of life and I am still surviving and that is good!

This month I finally bought metropass for TTC, for the first time in Toronto, I rode a bike before a lot as you know and last month I was buying tokens, but I spent too much for that, so It was the right time to buy metropass. It cost 141.50 CAD.

I also had to go to IKEA. I needed to buy a warmer blanket as the cold weather strikes. It’s just about 45 minutes from my place near Leslie station. IKEA is the same as in Europe the shopping was for sure in IKEA cheap restaurant!:)

I don’t know if I had mentioned it already but I started learning Spanish here in Canada, just through the application Duolingo but I hoped I catch at least some basics, so If you using it too, you can follow me there my profile is Efran,

Christmas is coming, I will not probably sending gifts back home, at least save some money, but my sister with a friend is coming so, I really look forward to spending some time with them! Sometimes I feel here alone of course!:)

Hope you like this post. Keep tuned and read to me next week!


my favorite coffee shop is Field trip!:)