Ordinary week

Nothing big happened this week. At work, it’s all right, ordinary life is okay as well.

Probably the biggest event of the week was the traditional run Velka Kunraticka.

It was already my 7th participation. The most important part is to survive and I survived.

You run up to three crazy hills across three streams and if you still alive after this nightmare you must finish strongly last 1 and a half kilometer.

It’s crazy but the next year I will be back :). It’s an amazing tradition.

Otherwise, I finished already the third papery notepad with my ideas. It’s a crazy amount of ideas, still, I couldn’t come up with something useful haha. I do not give up and I am gonna continue with this habit. One day there will be one shining idea. I believe in myself πŸ™‚

I also bought another old Macbook pro (I know I am crazy) so until the end of this week it should arrive and I will begin upgrading again.

My current MacBook Pro is working perfectly so far but this one should be a little bit better and I am super excited to work on it.

I can’t wait hehe. The MacBook is not in working condition so first I need to repair it. Hopefully, I am gonna be able to make it. If so I am gonna update my previous post it’s still work in progress.

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Stay with me. Emil.