Post number 15 in 2019

With today’s post, I just overpass the number of posts from the previous year. It doesn’t seem like a big achievement. But for me, it’s strong inside view that I am on the right way.

This blog was many times just a minutes before the grave. I haven’t been motivated, I haven’t had topics, I haven’t had enough strength.

I was ready to give up.

Fortunately, this year changed it all. I have started to write, I have started to write a lot. (my words average is all-time high now). I shifted the topic a little, but that’s all right. I try to bring you inside of my personal life, my working life (hopefully we will get back to traveling aspect soon)

I know there is still missing something. The one big project I could openly write about. Bring some numbers on the table and share my thoughts and struggles. Which could motivate us all! Believe me, I try.

The feeling I can step out of the void is strong inside me and it’s getting even stronger. I believe in myself, I believe I can reach the way I want and the way I like. It hasn’t been like that always. Actually most of my life I was lost.

but now.


Need to be just a little patient. The time will come. I am sure.

I am happy I keep on writing. It gives me space to summarize my thoughts. Share it with the internet. It makes a commitment to bring you valuable content. It makes a commitment to not give up.

… and I will share the process with you.

Other stuff

My weekly summary of things which are going on around me.

New monthly review post

Even though I haven’t earned anything yet (still a few days left to fulfill my challenge). I plan to write a monthly review of my projects. Show you some stats (similar to this post), and write down some goals for the following month. I wanna have it black on white.

These posts wouldn’t be in the regularly scheduled post line (every Tuesday) but it would be stand-alone bonus post. Hope you like this idea:).

Reading mode

I have finished the book Everything is fucked by Mark Manson. I finally get into the reading mode. So I wanted to start with the new book asap. I asked the community on Makerlog and 200WaD and I got some recommendations. I started reading a book called Late Bloomers: The Power of Patience in a World Obsessed with Early Achievement in Scribd. So far so good!:)

If you would like to get inspired you can check the Google document I made with the titles of the books I gathered. HERE (you can add more books if you want)

Adjusting my Organized Life channel

I tried to play a little with my Youtube channel. I added some additional info, changed the banner image and improved the subscription options. I am completely new to Youtube so even the trivial things I must learn. I also kinda make a new motto of the channel “be organized be happy“.

So far I am having fun I got some subscribers and views so I will continue I promise.

New YouTube video

Yesterday I posted a new video, see below. I made a new Coda document called Simplest habits tracker (the name says it all). It’s not a new thought. I guess they’re gonna be already similar Coda documents but I just wanted to try. The idea is inspired by a Czech book called End of procrastination and I also saw the Whizzzoe make the same thing in the Microsoft Excel. In the video, I am talking also about my daily habits (yeah again and again haha).

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Stay with me. Emil