Punta la Zicatela (back in time 2 of 5)

Like I mentioned in the previous post, I lived close to Puerto Escondido in Punta la Zicatela, actually is it still part of the Puerto Escondido I guess, but its 20 minutes by car. I lived there in a surf house owned by agency Experiencia (they offer housing, Spanish lessons, volunteering courses and so). I paid 200 Mexican pesos per night. It was good because the house was in a walk distance from the surf spot I surfed the most.

This one was a beginner point break left-handed wave. It was a good spot, but almost everybody surf there even the surf lessons, so the battle for the waves was crazy. The only chance was wake up early and surf in the morning otherwise it usually happened that I didn’t catch any wave during the sessions. If I would go there one more time, I would definitely recommend rent a car and go with the locals to surf on some secret spots.

But life there was nice and relaxing. I was watching the everyday beautiful sunset. I have been releasing baby turtles to the ocean or I just walked on the beach, but the best part was just laying in the hammock and read. I finished a lot of books. The Shining by Stephen King, The three body problem series by Cixin Liu and World War by Max Brooks. Its good sometimes just switch off and have time just for yourself. I could think a lot. I would like to say that I figured it out everything but unfortunately not.