Quick habits overview

Yeah, I didn’t talk a while about my current habits. Let’s just write down what I do daily.

Writing over 200 words on Cowriters.app (former 200wordsaday) – Yeah, the streak is huge there so I simply cannot stop πŸ™‚

Recording a voice overview – Just record spoken word on my voice memo app. talking about my day and so.

Playing guitar – Try to fill my goal on the Yousician app and a little jamming around

Write 10 ideas to my paper notepad – Just everything what comes to my mind

Logging on a task on Getmakerlog – Not sure why cuz I am not active there but its good to be part of some community. It can be useful in the future.

Writing for my new project – even if it would be just a few words. I open the article and trying to write something.

Practicing Spanish on Duolingo – I wish my Spanish would improve but so far is still sucks heavily.

Taking a selfie – Yeah, I keep going with this stupid habit but maybe I just wanna see my change.

Do 7 pull-ups – I improved from 5 to 7, it’s actually a long streak.

Meditate at least 4 minutes – It depends on my mood, it can be 4 minutes until 6 minutes.

Read a bit – yeah just grab a book every day and read a few words.

Learning Adobe Illustrator – I bought 2 courses on Udemy, now I already do the advance course.

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Stay with me. Emil

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  1. I envy your piece of work, thankyou for all the interesting articles.

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