Quitting Ovest and new Aroma opening

My dishwashing career finally ended, at least for now (hope forever :)). Sunday was my last day in Ovest. Actually, I had to quit because of my new schedule in Aroma, I will be working there for 6 days per week from 3 pm to closing, so no joy for a while:)) but I decided before I knew my new schedule in Aroma, it was too much already and I have to move on.

Anyway it was my first job in Canada, really good experience, the dishwashing is a hard job there is lots of stressful situation, During the busy night you can not just take a break, but have to dishwashing like a crazy and your hands hurt after every shift (small tip: use hand creme after every shift it helps a lot), had to suppress my ego a little bit and that is a good thing I think :), the people there were really really nice, everybody supportive so I will never forget.

So I tried to quit a job instead of getting a job and that is also a good experience, but they take it easy I think the dishwashers fluctuation is really high because nobody wants to do it forever:)). Next Saturday have to just stop by for the last paycheck and say goodbye!:)

One chapter in Canada is behind let’s move to another!:)

Before the start of new Aroma, we had staff dinner yesterday. All you can eat in some Japanese sushi restaurant and it was great. The really good atmosphere, delicious food, I think I have never eaten so much sushi, sashimi, rolls, soups. One of the best moments here in Toronto so far. We knew a little bit more about each other and got positive vibes before coming weeks of hard working.

Last week I didn’t work much, but now it is beginning. Last two days we were in a new location and did everything that was needed to set up a new store, mainly cleaning, kitchen preparation, cleaning :), assemble chairs and many more, but it looks better and better and finally we are heading to opening. It will be hard work, the location of the new store is on Yonge street so it will be very very busy. Many people cruising through the street and it should be even busier than in my first training in Bloor/Bathurst franchise so I hope won’t go crazy. Today is finally pre-opening Friends and Family event, hope will be good at least we can try full operation and find out if anything is wrong with tomorrows opening.

So I just got back from pre-opening friends and family event and it was craaaazy. In the kitchen began two of us, but the next guy has to help us because we wouldn’t make it otherwise. The food was free so everybody ordering a lot. The tickets just coming and coming and maybe just me:) but I was totally lost and I did just salads and smoothies!! There was no time for precision I just make salads as soon as possible and tried messed it up as less as possible. The whole kitchen was a big mess but we survive until the end of the day so I can say it is success :), but I have to get better otherwise I am useless there! The best thing is it should be like that everyday haha we will see how I can handle it!

So one step out and one step in that was my week here in Toronto. I expect that next few weeks will be really hard work, the pre-opening event showed how it will be and it is crazy I hope it will get better until we a little bit settle down in new location and we can handle the volume of orders, but we will see!:) If I won’t write next blog posts I still making sandwiches!:))

By the way, I am in Toronto already two months and I am still living hooraaay!:) That is a big success I think!!:))

As always keep tuned and read me next week!:)