Random thoughts

Since I do not have one strong topic for today’s post. I am gonna try to write down just some random thoughts which going through my mind the recent week.

Lets start..

I got stuck a little bit with reading. I am still in the middle of Storyworthy book which is pretty interesting but I cannot dive deeper. Hopefully, I am gonna finish it soon and give you some review. So far I can recommend it.

My schedule is one big mess. I was used to waking up early and start the day strongly. Unfortunately, past few weeks I do it the opposite way I am awake until late at night and then sleep longer. I feel the days are shorter like this and I cannot get into the flow. I need to work on it.

The only thing which makes me happy these days is my boxing workout. I am able to go there regularly and I actually looking forward to it. I can see some improvement in my technique and also in my physique. I also like to walk to the training (about 40 minutes’ walk). I am very positive about it. I just need to put my laziness aside and keep going.

I am thinking to do more design work and my design some random t-shirts. Since I did all the Udemy courses about Photoshop and Illustrator I am losing the knowledge I learned. I need to get back to practicing and improve it all. Do some random designs and improving my craft should definitely help.

I got stuck on Youtube. I watch different kinds of videos. Recently I see all about aviation. It is so interesting and people are actually pretty awesome. So many unbelievable machines were made. I must say just WOW. On the other hand, my Youtube channel got stuck on 60 subscribers even though I upload a new video every week. It’s just not that interesting, haha.

I stopped mediate and kinda started to rethink my daily habits. I need to find a better slot for mediation not just before bedtime. It’s simply pointless. I would like to get back to it. I just need to find a better way. Prolong the time in calmness and maybe try in the morning. Let’s have a little break for now.

My thoughts about COVID are that we should stop thinking about it and focus on normal life instead. The media should stop bombarding us with all the bad news and everyone would be happier. Keep people in fear is nonsense.

Stay tuned. Emil