Raptors game

Yes, finally I could check another popular sport here in Toronto. Basketball in the best league in the world NBA. Local team Toronto Raptors played against Sacramento Kings. One and the only reason why I visited this match was that the tickets were one of the cheapest, one cost 35 CAD. For another more attractive opponents are tickets much more expensive? Anyway, I really enjoyed it.

It was again at Air Canada center (Raptors share the hall with Leafs). If I compare it to NHL and Baseball, it was the biggest show. Live music, dancers, every break special members try to cheer the crowd up, they throw gifts (t-shirts, towels and so). Unfortunately, Toronto lost. They should probably forbid me from entry when Toronto team plays, same happened when I visited Leafs in NHL and same with Blue jays in MLB :). Anyway here is a few photos from the game.

CN tower in the night

At work, I can see how the result of the argument with the boss, like I mentioned in the previous post. They cut one of my shifts so this week work just 4 days. Actually, I really don’t care haha. I need a break so, I look forward that this week will be a little bit lazier. I don’t know how it will continue if they slowly cut all of my shifts or it stays the same, but definitely, its time to look around for other job opportunities. I didn’t start yet but planning to start on my days of Friday and Saturday. I feel pretty confident that I find something,  but you never know. Every challenge is good in your life, so let’s take it how it is and try to find a better job!:)

Actually, I had another big talk with the boss during this week, this time with the male part of the couple who owns the aroma franchise. I expected that so I wasn’t wondering when he called me. It was quite calm. He just said they I shouldn’t behave like that, that I showed disrespect if want to talk I should do it calmly not in front of the other employees if I do it one more time they fire me and so. This time I just listened, I didn’t argue much, but I said that I am not happy in Aroma anymore and also that my wage is to low and that I probably start looking for a new job.

He took it also quite calmly, but I am proud of myself, that I mentioned it, good experience for the future!:).One more thing I have to say that after the first argument I didn’t feel guilty at all. I just said what was on my mind and I took it as an argument between two equal persons, not as a boss to the employe. I have probably a problem with the authorities :).

Yeah last two week in Aroma are a little bit wilder, but this is life!:) Keep tuned on my blogging and read me next week!:)


Autumn strikes!