Ready player two – Review

So just by accident I got to the new book by Ernest Cline – Ready player two.

It’s another part of the OASIS world-based novel and follows the story from the first part Ready player one.

I love Ready player one. I have read it before the movie came out and really enjoyed the world Ernest Cline made (I have read it for the second time after I saw the movie). It was easy to read and very entertaining. I could root for the main characters and identify with their journey.

That’s why I jump for Ready player two as soon as I found out that this book exists.

I haven’t read any reviews so I haven’t had any expectations. It was probably the good thing to do cuz I have just read fast and try to finish it as soon as possible.

I have to say I could feel the book is not as smooth as the previous part but I just wanted to know how it will end.

The main character Wade Watts is just totally different there and really bad. We can follow basically the same storyline but it’s just not that good. There are many links to pop culture and to be honest it was very hard for me to follow them. I think it’s just impossible to know everything but fortunately, it’s not that important for the story maybe you would just enjoy the storyline a little bit more.

I finished this book in 2 days so I cannot say it couldn’t have to be read but in total I am bit disappointed.

If not about the story author just push some agendas that are against my views. It is not important for the story but maybe he just wants to push some trendy progressive topics. I don’t like it at all and to be honest Ernest Cline is not very good at defending this agenda and actually shows many disadvantages it brings. He got a lot of criticism about it from both sides.

The original book is much better but if you already dive into the Clines world the second book is a must-read. I could enjoy it even though the story hasn’t finished as I thought.

Stay tuned. Efran