Redbubble challenge

OK, I haven’t had some challenge for some time so let’s start a new one!

Following my previous post, I would like to improve my design skills. What is the best way how to do it? Practice!

But I dont wanna just boring learning without any purpose therefore I decided to upload all my designs from this challenge to Redbubble.

Redbubble is a kinda marketplace that shows your designs on a different kind of stuff and people can actually buy it, if that happens you are gonna get some commission.

Anyway, I do not expect sales but I just wanna show my work to the world and keep moving forward.

Its gonna be for 30 days so, in the end, I should have made at least 30 designs. Yeah, this challenge is not gonna be easy.

I am gonna do different kind of designs I am not gonna stay with one topic. Everything that strikes me.

One day – One design. I need to keep my focus narrow. I don’t wanna make bad designs so everything should be nice and neat (I try to no be ashamed of it, haha).

It’s starting today. Wish me luck :).

I will probably show all the designs at the end of the challenge so please be patient! 🙂

Stay tuned. Emil