Renewing one of my old projects and scheduling habit

Before I am gonna make something new I decided to renew one of my old projects. In the previous post “history of my website projects“, I mentioned the The affiliate site about t-shirts with funny prints. It was the only site which was making some money and I was wonder why I stopped with it.

The principle of the

I was pondering it in my mind and guess what the last week the site was reborn:). Let’s make it clear from the start … The project is stupid everyone knows that but it was making money so why not to try to make some more, right?!

The principle of the site is easy. I just take the best t-shirts from the e-commerce site I have partnership (so far it’s just one, but probably gonna need more to widen my content possibilities). The second step is to write some article about the t-shirt and try to target some interesting keywords and that basically it. The goal is to look for the t-shirts trends and be seen in the search engines on the first pages.

On your site, you have just a simple link to the partner’s e-commerce website. As a partner you have specific affiliate ID so if the customer clicks on your link and actually buy something on your partner e-commerce site you gonna get a little commission. Easy as that :).

I wanna just try it. I don’t have much hope but will see. I didn’t pay much for the hosting and domain (about 37 USD per year). Hopefully, I am gonna get these costs back. Sure I am gonna inform you how this site goes πŸ™‚

The process of renewing

The site was live from 2014 to 2016. The whole 3 years ouf of order. Actually I already lost the domain but fotunately nobody took it.

The first thing why I decided to renew was that I found the old backup it wasn’t the last one so a lot of content was lost but still something to build on. If I didn’t have the backup I definitely wouldn’t start from scratch. Here is my advice: Don’t forget to make backups of your websites, it so important!

Sure the content is out of date and the t-shirts I had there are not selling anymore but still I think it’s important to have something on your site. I wouldn’t push myself to write a lot of new content.

I had a backup then I bought a new domain and hosting. Simple :). After that, I upload my data and set up WordPress. It wasn’t actually that difficult even though I was doing it for the first time. I didn’t use any plugin I just made it manually. I followed some tutorials on the web. You need upload your data, upload your database and edit the wp-config file accordingly. A few easy steps and the site was live again. πŸ™‚

Not everything goes smoothly. You need to fight a little with the setup. Some plugins don’t work anymore (it was a long time of dead). So you need to delete them. You need to upload everything and check if everything is working correctly. Fortunately, the old template was still working so I didn’t need to change that it would be more painful. I also switched from HTTP to HTTPS. My hosting provider has this option directly in their administration so no plugin needed!!

The basic setup was done. The next step was to update the affiliate links. I got a new affiliate ID and as I mentioned the content was outdated. There is no magic behind this. I just went through all the content and manually exchanging the old links for the new ones. I kept there the old content but if the t-shirt is not selling anymore I redirect the links to the homepage of the partner’s e-commerce site. It’s not ideal but as I said I just wanna keep the content there so there is no other option. You can use a little help with the Broken Link Checker plugin which finds the forgotten unworking links.

In the end, I redesign the logo and change the title of the website (it was too spammy),

… and It is done!:)) Now I need to just write some new content with the new t-shirts design and hope for some commissions. If you would have some tips on what content I could put on that site let me know! I mean some tutorials on how to pick the right t-shirt? what to wear on which occasion? and so on … Thank you.

Adding new habits into my life

That’s about the old project. Let’s read something from my ordinary life.

I am reading the Atomic habits book by James Clear. It is very interesting. Despite that, I didn’t put any technique into my life but I am planning to. Anyway, it makes me think a lot about my habits. I have a lot of bad ones a few good ones. The goal is to add a little more good ones. First I would like to kinda schedule the time when I release new content on my side projects.

So here is the schedule:

I am gonna definitely add more events as my side project lists gonna grow (hopefully πŸ™‚ ).

My new microphone

I upload a new video on my youtube channel see below. This time it’s about a little feature in Coda. Not about the project itself. Hope you like it :). I bought a new microphone (some Trust GTX 248 Luno, it looks crazy but it works haha). So finally you can hear me hehe.

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Stay with me. Emil.