Routines before you start a WordPress project

The time comes and I could finally think of some idea to work on. I wouldn’t say is the best idea ever nor the worst haha but I wanna try to work on it. I am not gonna mention the project yet. I feel it’s not the right time cuz there is no content but I will inform you soon about it. πŸ™‚

Anyway, I would like to talk now about the steps before the start. It’s not the first website or project I have started so let’s overview some steps which are necessary. I am gonna focus on WordPresswise website cuz all my projects were on WordPress so far. So take a deep breath and pray :)).

Picking the domain and hosting provider

Yes before the start you still need to think about basic some technical aspects. Picking the domain name and hosting provider is one of them.

Domain name

I would say I am good with the project names. (no one proved me wrong so far, so I can still think it haha :D). Sure I am self-thought and you would argue with a lot of my picks but at least I think it’s not a super disaster.

One more thing to say I am old school in case of the domain extension. If I m doing an international project I use .com and for local projects .cz (Czech Republic). But this is probably less and less important you can choose from all the crazy extensions and it doesn’t really matter.

Here some of the names of my projects and a little explanation. logo – for my e-commerce site with string bags logo – unsuccessful dropship store. I wanted to sell water-related products from Aliexpress

Organized life youtube channel logo

Organized Life – youtube channels name, I like the logo and the thought about “organizing stuff”. I took me maybe 5 minutes to come up with the name haha … cuz of my upcoming project I am planning to change the name, to fit more the concept … I dont wanna start a new channel cuz the already uploaded content will still kinda fit there. logo – even though it’s pretty long name. I feel okay with that, it simply describes all that is this blog about.

Some of my tips would be probably:

  • Shorter better than longer
  • Try to have it at least a little related to your project topic
  • Think about the brand more than just the keywords (I know I didn’t show you right examples of mine haha)
  • This tip gonna be a little controversial but spend just limited amount of time on it. Don’t waste too much time thinking about the project name. If you start a new project you need to use the momentum, the excitement and if you would spend weeks thinking about the name it can fade off pretty quickly and maybe you wouldn’t even start afterward …

Hosting provider

With the hosting provider, pick the one you are used to and familiar with. Don’t go for the cheapest solution. Focus on the speed. Recently I tried another hosting provider for my affiliate site and a new project. The hardest part is to get used to a new dashboard and UX. Almost all the providers have one-click install for your favorite CMS, in my case WordPress.

I do not have experience with the self-hosted servers or using the cloud solution like Digital Ocean, so, unfortunately, I cannot give you advice about that.

Installing the general plugins

After the system installation, I always upload the classic plugins I go to with every project (WP-optimize, IThemes security, Contact form 7, GA analytics, BackWPup). It is from experience. I used this core plugins in every project but of course, add more according to needs every specific project.

Finding the right WordPress template

After or before this step is gonna be one of the hardest ones. If you not a coder. You need to pick the right template. I would like to give some advice on how to make this process faster but it is always hassle.

It’s good to imagine how should your website look like and according to your expectations choose a similar template. I always blindly scroll through the free themes on and trying them on my website.

Except for the design of the template, it’s important how easy you can the template editing and if is the template regularly updated. I wouldn’t go with old template cuz of the security issues.

Sometimes it’s a long process. Sure you can try some paid template from Themeforest or similar site but sometimes the site doesn’t look the same as in the preview and it’s hard to get them to that state so be aware of that.

I would recommend here the same approach as with the domain name, don’t waste to much time on it. You can always find a better template later but first, you should focus on good content.

Social media

One of the other steps is to create social media accounts. I am a big believer in fewer social accounts as possible. Choose the one you familiar with and you feel strong and focus just on them. If ts Facebook, Instagram, Youtube it really doesn’t matter but do not register everywhere cuz you get overwhelmed at least in the beginning. You can add some later if maybe you find that your target group wandering there.

For my new project I choose just Youtube and Twitter (still maybe go only with Youtube).

And I would say that’s it. After that, you need just work on it. Adding new content, promoting and hoping for a miracle (in my case) :D.

Other stuff

As I said I started to work on a new project. I bought a new domain, set up hosting, find a template and wrote down “the beginning post” I will tell you more about it probably in some following posts.

I am keeping my other schedule as well. Every Thursday a new post on my affiliate site and every Monday a new video. You can see it bellow.

That’s it for today. I am excited and motivated about the new project. Finally, I found something I can work on. I will keep you informed asap I promise :).

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Stay with me. Emil