September 2019 stats and overview

Another month past so a new monthly review coming.

Let’s say it, in the beginning. September was the worst month in case of my productivity and work on my side projects (Yes I used the same sentence as in the last report but it’s even worse than usual). I totally abandoned new posts on Nocodemag and my youtube channel.

I just couldn’t force myself to work on it. If I will start again? I am not really sure about it.

Anyway, I show you the stats but it will not be anything interesting. I could still bring new posts on here and on my affiliate site. So hopefully at least on there, we can see some improvement.

My blog

Sad story. I uploading my posts every week but it doesn’t have much effect on the stats. The only peaks on the graph are when I posted about my no coffee and running challenge.

The metrics I am focusing on:

  • New blog posts in September: 5 (counting this one) – Yes the only statistic I can be proud of. I am able to keep my posting schedule and bring you a new post a week.
  • Pageviews: 175 – Still, falling down compared to the previous month (217). Yes, it can get worse.
  • New users: 22 – I am not gaining users I am losing users
  • Subscription to my mailing list: 0 – No words needed :/

Goals for the next month

  • I will keep my pace: 5 posts per month.
  • I am gonna set an even smaller goal than last week: 250 pageviews.
  • Same here. Let’s get 30 new users.
  • It cannot set a different goal. I need to get to 1.

No-code project

As I mentioned in the intro. I wasn’t able to add any new content to the Nocodemag. It just happened and I am not really sure if I will continue with this project.

Goals vs the reality

  • New blog posts: 0 – Nothing :/
  • Pageviews: 203 – I couldn’t fulfill my goal but even without any new content, the pageviews were better than last month. What could happen if I add something right :/
  • New users: 151 – Yeah interesting. I could fulfill my goal. Hmm, maybe there is a potential.
  • Bounce rate: 88.30 % – Even worse bounce rate than last month. People do not stay very long.
  • Subscription to the mailing list: 0 – I am not good with email subs :/

Goals for the next month

I am gonna set an only goal here. I wanna take a few moments to think about this whole project and think about what next. If I am able to continue or will send this project to history.

Youtube channel Organized life

Same as Nocodemag. I couldn’t make any new video. I wanted to connect these two projects but as you can see it wasn’t the best idea. Anyway. let’s see the stats.

Goals vs the reality

  • The number of new videos: 0 – Lazy Emil. I missed once my schedule and then I couldn’t jump back on track.
  • Views: 318 – No content but I still could reach my goal. What a surprise. I see now it was a mistake to stop.
  • Watch time 546 minutes – The goal was highly overpassed. Unbelievable. Such a shame I didn’t make new videos.
  • Channel subscribers: 35 – My goal was 40 but I couldn’t expect high rise of my subs.

Goals for the next month:

I avoid the goals here. I do not wanna stop making new videos. I am not sure if I will continue with this channel but somehow I would like to still stay in Youtube world. I am gonna think about it. Probably will just untie the connection with the Nocodemag and make this channel stand just itself again. Need just some new strength and motivation.

The affiliate site

I still add the new posts every week but I do not work much harder on it. Just wanna see what happened in the Christmas season if it can bring some money.

Goals vs the reality

  • New post in September: 5 – Super short fast posts but still going.
  • New users: 89 – I was a little too ambitious here. Just few users reached my site.
  • Commissions: 3 – There was less commission than the last month but I am still wondering there can be something. So I am still so happy.

Goals for the next month:

  • One post a week
  • I set a little smalle goal. Let’s have 150 new users.
  • The holidays season slowly coming. I think I could get at least 5 commissions in October.

Monthly Summary

What can I say? You can see the stats. My productivity enjoyed a vacation in September.

I couldn’t do any steps to make a successful project. I gave up on Nocodemag and video making but to be honest it didn’t bring me any happiness.

I think I must do something fun or something that brings me money immediately otherwise I am not able to work hard and moving my project to success.

I hope October is gonna be more about doing but first I need some time to think deeper and figure out what next.

Wish me luck.

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Stay with me. Emil