September 2020 stats and overview

Who keeps stealing our time? September is over with all the good and bad memories … and a little work on my side projects.

Yup, the degress is real.

Anyway, I did at least something. I keep designing for Redbubble. I add up a few posts on my affiliate project and also a few posts on my niche project.

I also uploaded a few videos on my Youtube channel but I just need to improve a lot there. Let’s see the numbers and don’t cry over it much :D.

My blog

The numbers are nicely low as usual. The only thing I can be happy about is the bounce rate which is about 50 percent.

I know that it’s almost useless to keep writing here. No one is really reading my blog but if I would give up here my online business tries would be over and I still have some hope! ๐Ÿ™‚

No-code project

The hard hit is here. To be honest, I expected this much more earlier. I do not upload anything to Nocodemag. I just keep it as it is. I do not have plans to continue. In the best case scenario I would like to sell this project or just domain to someone who would just start all over again and bring some quality content about Nocode world.

Do I have here anyone?:)

Youtube channel Efran(former Organized life)

My channel is still here. I just need to find the right direction. It’s not super easy to come up with some quality content.

In September I made the longest video so far. It is also a little controversial. It brought some views but not far from normal.

I will be experimetning and hopefuly I get somewhere.

The affiliate site

The website does not make any money now but this month I tried to upload my designs with preorder form. So far no hit but as you can see it brought some new visitors.

I would like to bring up desings about our politic scene. It will be also very controversional. Its not really about the sales but I would like to see at least some traction. Will keep you informed how it goes. ๐Ÿ™‚

Month summary

I just need to higher up my productivity. Its all gone. In the beginning of this COVID mess I was working like crazy but slowly I come to blindless wandering.

I need to start the engine again and move towards my goals (earning money online).

My laziness killing me but there is no time to wait. The things are getting real…

Stay tuned. Emil