Sharing your work

One of the hardest parts of stepping outside and showing your work is the feeling of insecurity. I have never shared much of anything. I just worked on my side projects, write my blog but it was mostly for myself and random strangers. I am very embarrassed to show what I am doing.

Anyway, time is changed. With my new Youtube channel (about balding and stuff) I just came out to the light. It wasn’t right away. I slowly shared my videos with my friends and family but yesterday I move it forward and bring it into my personal Instagram stories. It doesn’t seem as much but for me, it’s a very big step out of my comfort zone.

And how was it? Anything big actually happened :D. I know people just don’t care but it’s a good thing. So many times we are just afraid of what someone would say but in the end, it’s just not worth the fear. Just show everything and if someone is interested they just give you an honest opinion. Even if it’s not nice it’s the most important thing to get as much feedback as possible! You need to keep it pushing.

I am losing the barriers slowly. In the beginning, I couldn’t imagine even make some videos public .. and right now I really do not care what others people think. I look for the feedback and that’s all that matters.

People have a lot of their own struggles and problems and one embarrassing video really does not make them more tears. Right now I can see really just support and honest opinions. Sure there is definitely a lot of laughs on the way but who cares. Humor is part of our life. You should take it and make fun of yourself. But if your friends will see your hard work and improvements. They will always stand behind your back.

Dont be afraid! (Yes I am talking to myself :D)

Stay tuned. Emil